Saturday, 23 June 2007

Oil of Olay Eye Makeup Remover

RRP: £2.99/100ml

Nice simple packaging that's in keeping with Olay's general image. Clean, understated, not too fussy and generally impressive. Pretty colour scheme and tells you the name of the product in black writing. Ooh, how I love a product that just tells you what it's going to do and nothing more.

--What does the promo say?--
"specifically designed to gently, yet thoroughly remove even waterproof mascara"

Apparently it says on the back of the tube that you're to apply a small amount of the product using a damp (rather than a dry) cotton pad. Me being me, though, I just did my usual thing, which I do with all my makeup removers, which is to apply a small amount to a dry cotton pad, and start with the cheeks. I never apply it to the eyes first just in case I've squeezed out too much. Even using a dry pad, though, contrary to what Olay recommends, the product's easy to use.

--Appearance and scent--
This product claims that there's no scent, and they're right (unlike many). Good job. The product is white and slightly lumpy.

The product isn't really runny, and this is good as it stops it sliding off your face. Would prefer it to be slightly smoother (rather than lumpy), though, even though it doesn't affect its performance, and nevertheless, the product is quite smooth on your face anyway, so it's really the tiniest of gripes.

--Does it sting?--

--Does it linger on the skin (e.g. leaving residue)?--

--Does it do what it says it does?--

--Value for money--
This is one of the least expensive of Olay's products, it works very well, doesn't let the brand down, and a tube lasts for ages (as in I've had 1 tube for over 6 months, and it still hasn't run out even with me using it most days). It also doubles up as quite a good cleanser in its own right. Would recommend it.

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