Sunday, 24 June 2007

Murad Travel Kit - Balancing Regime for Oily Skin

RRP: £25.50 for 100ml of Clarifying Cleanser, 50ml of Exfoliating Blemish Gel and 7.5ml of Cover Gel

Murad is still an up-and-coming brand in the UK, so some background. Dr Howard Murad is one of America's leading skincare specialists and he developed this trio of products to address all the factors that cause breakouts. They are also a rarity in the skincare market in that they do not contain benzoyl peroxide, unlike many products. Murad also has a range of products for ageing, sun protection, men's shaving, body/cellulite and for skin types that are sensitive and prone to redness. Please see for more.

--What does the promo say?--
"Murad Travel/Gym Kit - Blemish for Oily Skin is a balancing regime for Oily skin experiencing occasional breakouts. Conveniently sized for travel, gym or trial use.
Cleanse & Tone
Clarifying Cleanser, 100ml - Purify and clarify with this antibacterial deep pore cleansing gel.
Treat & Repair
Exfoliating Blemish Gel, 50ml blend - Exfoliate, purify and clarify your complexion with this advanced performance gel.
Hydrate & Protect
Murad Blemish Cover Gel 7.5ml - Soothe and Protect with this concentrated Blemish Gel."

This set is a special set, sold by Boots, and it's great for trial use, as the regular versions of the products are bigger and cost more. The three products are packaged in a grey box with an understated design. The cleanser is a clear tube with a clear flip-top lid, and it stands on its lid like a shower gel. The exfoliating blemish gel comes in a small clear bottle, with a translucent white/clear flip top lid, but you just stand it on its base like a normal bottle. The cover gel comes in a very small clear tube with a long thin screw-top lid. All of the packaging is understated, unisex, and professional-looking. It also appeals to all ages, which is nice, as problem skin doesn't just affect young teens.

Very easy to use - it's quite a quick three-step treatment. Wet your face (easiest to do while you're in the shower) and lather up a little of the cleanser in your hands (it lathers up quite well), and rub it all over your face (avoiding the eye area). Leave on your skin for a few minutes before washing off. Apply the exfoliating blemish gel and the cover gel, in that order, to dry skin. Carry out this routine twice daily.

--Appearance, scent and texture --
The cleanser is a yellowish gel that's quite thick. Not particularly attractive. The exfoliating gel is clear and runnier than the cleanser. The cover gel is quite a bright yellow colour, but it sinks into your skin very easily and there's no yellow residue or anything like that. Again, not particularly attractive. All have a slightly clinical smell, but it's not at all overbearing and I have no problem putting it on my skin (and believe me, I'm very funny about the smells of things that I put on my skin).

--Does it sting?--

--How does it feel on the skin?--
The cleanser feels all tingly and nice, and you really feel like it's working. I don't really feel anything specific from the others, though the cover gel (don't know why it's called that, it's not a doesn't actually cover anything) contains sulphur so can feel a bit abrasive (though it doesn't make my skin red or painful or cause further breakouts). I usually just whack on some moisturiser and it feels fine.

--Does it do what it says it does?--
Sort of. I found it worked very well for the first month or so and then its effectiveness levelled out. Shame, as if it had carried on at the same level of effectiveness then I would be singing its praises now. I'll probably finish the products I've bought but I doubt I'll be buying more.

--Value for money--
Considering the price of the products individually, as a gift set it's an extremely good price indeed, and I considered that it would be worth it if it made my skin better. Even though it hasn't achieved the miracle results I'd been hoping for, I still don't regret spending the money trying. And who knows? Different people have different skins, which respond differently to different products, so this one may well work for you.

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