Thursday, 31 July 2008

Avon Personal Match Barely There Tinted Moisturiser

RRP: £7 for 30ml
no. of shades available: 3 (light, medium, and medium deep)

--What does the promo say?--
"No ordinary tinted moisturiser. It starts out colourless then magically adapts to your skin tone as the encapsulated colour beads blend onto skin. Contains exclusive Personal Match technology to match over 98% of skin tones."

It looks suspiciously slim, in a 'is there REALLY 30ml in there?' way, and the nozzle is quite slim too, which helps with controlled application. The plastic squeezy tube is flesh-coloured, and the lid is black, to match the simplistic black lettering on the front of the tube. A nice, sophisticated-looking thing.

Just untwist the lid and you're away. The consistency of the tinted moisturiser, combined with the tapered applicator nozzle, allows just the right amount to be dispensed, minimising wastage. Apply to the face after concealer using your fingers or a brush.

Wonderfully creamy without being too rich. It's fabulously light on the skin.

The tinted moisturiser itself is actually white, and tiny skin-coloured particles can be seen dotted around in it. When applied to the face, it stays white for a few seconds before gradually adapting to the skintone, and it does excellent work: I was really impressed with the flawless look that it gave to even my troubled skin, and while the number of shades available seems initially really poor, it adapts so well that there's really no need to worry.

Really excellent. Obviously not as heavy as a normal foundation, but I found that it was certainly more than adequate even on less than perfect skin.

--How does your face feel?--
Moisturised, but not overloaded, although of course it doesn't have the effect of a more intensive moisturiser.

Also great. No complaints here. You may have to reapply once if you want to carry this from day to night, but that's it.

--Value for money--
Given that it's the same price as other high street products (or even cheaper!), there's not really much to argue about. It's a really high-quality, impressive product suitable for all skin types.

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Anonymous said...

hello bianca

i saw that you do the avon personal match barely there in makeup but in light

i was wondering how to order it as there is no contact details on here well on the site im looking at.

Francesca Nisbet
if you could contact me on

BiancaP said...

Hi Francesca

Unfortunately Avon no longer do this product :( Which is a shame as it was really good!

This is probably the closest thing to it that they do make now:

but I haven't tried it yet. Agnes B also do something similar called Teint Osmose but this is not really available in the UK.

I have sent a copy of this comment to your email as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bianca S