Thursday, 3 July 2008

Lancome Color Focus Wet and Dry Eyeshadow

RRP: £12.50 for 2.5g
no. of shades available: 24

--What does the promo say?--
"The exceptionally fine texture of COLOR FOCUS glides over your lids for easy application and blending, leaving an even, luminous film of colour. This long-wear shadow remains immaculate for hours and won't settle into creases. Available in a wide range of pearly, matte or iridescent shades. You’ll want them all!"

A small, circular, round compact made from black plastic, with a see-through window and the Lancome flower decorating the bottom of the lid delicately in gold. Seems pretty secure and generally unbreakable and spillage-proof, unlike certain lower-priced high-street brands, whose packaging doesn't seem as sturdy.

The brush they give you with this is really weird and only complicates application. I know they've only curved it so that it fits into the shape of the compact better, rather than to offer users of this product any direct benefit. The best way to hold it is so that it looks like a smile shape, rather than like a sad face shape, in order to ensure the most even and least complicated of applications. Like most eyeshadows, this can be applied wet or dry. Have only tried it dry so far, but will report back prontissimo on the minutiae of wet application.

The colour in the compact is quite strong, even with the more subtle colours (I have 103, Moonlight). It's shimmery without being blinding. On the eye, it blends well with other colours and can take you from daytime to nighttime with ease.

Frankly useless. Despite using my trusty Lola eye primer before application, this had creased by lunchtime. Seems it just couldn't cope with the commute. Don't expect to go from day to night with this - several reapplications will be needed, which is a shame. Odd, too, seeing as the eyeshadows in my Lancome travel set are quite robust.

--Value for money--
At this price, you're better off with MAC or Prescriptives.

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