Saturday, 12 July 2008

L'Oreal Re-Nutrition/Vive Pro Hydra Gloss Moisturising Shampoo

RRP: $4.99 for 13oz; €4.60/£3.29 for 250ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Omega-moisture complex infuses deep moisture & shine. Before Using Hydra Gloss Shampoo: Hair may feel very dry or dull from the distressing effects of the weather and over-processing. After Using Hydra Gloss Shampoo: Hair is deeply conditioned with essential nutrients and shines with a high gloss finish. Recommended by the hair experts at L'Oreal, Hydra Gloss with omega-moisture complex containing omega 3 & 6, royal jelly and olive oil, adds advanced moisturizers and essential nutrients to intensely condition hair. Gently cleanses while injecting intensive moisturizers. Deeply penetrates hair for lasting moisturization. Leaves hair soft, shiny and touchable."

I only tried this on a trial basis, but what I can say is that the packaging is the same as the European one (white and gold, with the royal jelly motif), which I quite like. The package being sold Stateside is the one my boyfriend preferred when asked: it's a simpler, more modern design. Ipoddy. Hmm. Must be a boy thing.

Lather into wet hair, rinse, and repeat as necessary.

The shampoo itself is very yellow (though not neon, thank God), viscous, and gloopy, but not unpleasant. Equally thankfully, the lather is white and no residue is visible in the hair after use.

Strangely, this smells of coconut, despite there being nothing whatsoever coconutty or coconut-related in the ingredients list. Slightly sweet too. I like the smell, but find it slightly disconcerting that it doesn't smell more of honey, especially given the lack of coconut in this product generally.

Excellent, and not very much of this product is needed to achieve that, though perhaps more than with a more expensive brand. The size of the circle made when you curl your index finger round to meet your thumb on the same hand probably about covers it.

--Washing it out--
Easy as. No problems here.

--How does your hair look and feel afterwards?--
The smoothness is back! And since that's definitely the main aim of this shampoo, it gets a thumbs up from me purely on that basis. Does make it frizzy or flyaway either, and a small bonus is that it really seems to bring out the best of my natural blonde hair colour. These effects are consistent throughout the day: definitely no crazy flyawayness by evening.

--Value for money--
At less than £5, this is really quite ingenious considering the effectiveness of the product. And good news - it's out in the UK!

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*sold under the Elsève range in France.

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Katrina said...

Sounds good! I'll give it a try. I'm finding that more and more of my summer is being spent on the back of a motorcycle and that's really not good for my hair.