Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

RRP: 99p for a 1g sample; £12 for 10g full-size pot
no. of shades available: 21

Just a simple screw-top plastic see-through pot, with white lid and swirly logo. Very nice to look at, but with plenty of potential for spillage during usage, so concentrate!

Swirl a small amount of powder foundation inside the lid with a kabuki brush (or blusher/powder brush, well cleaned of course). Less is more - you can always come back for more if you need. Brush gently onto the face - the minerals will soon start to work with your skin's natural oils to create light, even and effective coverage. Build up as needed. Apply concealer before and/or finishing powder afterwards if necessary (mineral or normal - this foundation works well with both mineral and non-mineral products).

At first glance the powder doesn't seem especially fine, with quite large particles. However, these break down beautifully when swirled inside the lid and on the face, the foundation doesn't appear patchy. The sample I have - Blondie - suits me perfectly, but at 99p a go, you can easily afford to buy a few samples and mix your own to create the perfect combination for your skin tone if unsure.

Really excellent - although saying that, I haven't tried it without a concealer underneath yet. Strangely, though, I'm starting to feel like I would be confident enough to do so.

Again, despite the large particles in the powder, this is surprisingly smooth and soft. Not gritty, and doesn't irritate the skin.

Amazing - it withstands 12-hour days at work, including the sweaty commute, and survives midday temperatures of 30C without so much as even a hint of sliding off. Good stuff. I was thoroughly impressed.

--Does it do what it says it will?--
The main quality of mineral makeup that is perhaps the most famous/of note is probably the idea that it's actually good for your skin, and having been using this during a major breakout, the spots do seem to be clearing up promisingly quickly. My skin also feels smooth and non-sticky during use.

--Value for money--
Even if you have bad skin you barely need to use any of this at a time. Touchups are minimal (assuming they are required at all) and when compared to what people pay for high street foundations (mineral or not), the value for money of this product only becomes clearer. I've been using my 1.5g sample pot for a week and supplies barely seem to have diminished. This is a good sign. It's also made by minerals specialists, which would be worth paying extra money for - but instead, the price is kept modest so that it's able to compete realistically with high-street foundations. I implore girls everywhere to buy this: it's an absolute golden product to keep your skin tip-top all year round.

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