Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Avon MagiX Face Perfector

RRP: £10 for 30ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Introducing Avon's secret weapon. This colourless perfector is a magical way to get super-natural, flawless skin. The colourless formula suits everyone, and evens skin tone with SPF20. Reduce the look of pores and banish shine for up to 10 hours. The velvety soft formula visibly smooths fine lines. Illuminate with exclusive Optix light-diffusing technology. Wear alone or under foundation. Available to order from the 9th September 2008."

Fits in well with the Avon brand, and particularly with their tinted moisturiser. Black shiny plastic lid, matte skin-coloured squeezy tube, with their usual classic minimalist logo and general design, jazzed up only by a calligraphed-style rainbow metallic 'MagiX' embellishment.

Squeeze out a 10p-sized amount and rub all over face, being careful around the eye area.

The gel itself is white, and somewhat pearlescent. After application the skin seems softer and more matte, with the complexion appearing less raw, more even, and with the appearance of pores minimised. However, it in no way comes close to achieving the perfection that Avon promises, especially if you have acneic skin. Spots etc are obviously still visible.

Actually sort of chocolatey, but not in an overbearing way. Delicious.

Thick and luxurious, but you somehow don't get the feeling that it'll clog your pores. It also feels really smooth on the skin.

While it certainly seems to keep shine at bay for the day, the pore-minimising effect is extremely short-lived. When used as a primer, it isn't any better or worse than my usual No7 primer in terms of making sure makeup stays put.

--Value for money--
Seeing as my No7 primer is cheaper (marginally) and doesn't make outlandish claims about attaining perfection and flawlessness, I think I'll stick with my usual brand. If you've got pretty perfect skin already, however, I should think this would be a valuable addition to your makeup bag.

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