Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Cosmetics and Beauty News - September

Sarah Chapman's Skinesis range released in Space NK
Packed with natural stuff to keep you young and glowing, this energetically-named range should be hitting the shelves in branches of SpaceNK right about now. Each product is available from £38, so this might be one for your Christmas list. However, if you just can't wait until then, check out Sarah Chapman's website ( and find out where you can book one of her patented facials.

New perfume buyer's guide released
Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez have teamed up to provide a thoroughly expert view of what to look for in a perfume and how to buy it via their buyer's guide, Perfumes: The Guide. Only released on September 11, have already shifted over 13,500, and it's easy to see why. As well as being a good-looking, hardcover, coffee-table piece of goodness, more than 1200 fragrances are reviewed within its pages and contain FAQs for the uninitiated.

Sponsor season
With Benefit sponsoring Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and Collection 2000 sponsoring the PPQ 08/09 catwalk show, it's high time that high street brands had an outing, particularly given that cheaper brands like the latter one listed here are of perfectly good quality and yet still don't get enough exposure. Good work.

Touche Eclat for men
Now they can stop stealing ours. And here it is, looking very shiny and masculine too. Designed to provide heavier coverage, as well as being unfragranced, it's the same price as the ladies' variant, £22.50. However, for all those ladies who need heavier coverage and dislike fragranced products, who's to say they won't start stealing the men's one too? Shhhhh...
Speaking of YSL, they've also released a new face primer, containing oat sugars and caffeine, retailing at £34.

MAC collaborates with Emanuel Ungaro
Keeping the oriental theme going (a strong theme this year, with Bourjois also bringing out its oriental-inspired China Collection before the end of the year), MAC is taking a departure from its usual shocking range of vibrant colours to adopt Ungaro's range of sexy, floaty pinks that are sure to suit any complexion. The range covers almost all types of makeup, from lipglosses to mascaras.

New fragrance from Christina Aguilera
With a slight pop-art feel to it, this fragrance screams pop princess while still retaining a cooler edge. It's apparently floral while still being slightly masculine, and as well as coming in the various bottle sizes (30, 50, and 100ml), it also comes in bath bubbles and body milk.

Yes To Carrots, no to parabens
Containing beta-carotene, and NO PARABENS (chemical nasties that are pretty common in beauty products), this could be the new wunderkind of beauty. It's totally organic, and contains carrot oil and Dead Sea mud to improve cell metabolism and stabilise the skin's moisture content. And best of all - it's totally affordable, with most products in the range costing under £10. Available at Boots.

Oooh la la - new fragrance from JP Gaultier

The new fragrance, Madame, is truly for the Pinks of this world. Edgy, slightly androgynous, and with attitude and punch as part of their femininity. From £26, it's an affordable designer fragrance containing grenadine and musk, and with a bright pink and silver bottle, should stand out in the stores.

Porsche goes beyond cars
As well as admiring Porsche's motors, soon men will be able to drench themselves in Porsche too. Their new fragrance for the fellas, The Essence, comes in a James Bond-style bulletesque canister, and promises to be spicy and manly and such. £52 for 80ml.

No7 fights for breast cancer care
In addition to promising prettyful pinkness, No7 also promises something more with this limited edition lipgloss, with 20% of the purchase price going directly to charity. This also acts as a suitable precursor to TotalBeauty's similar campaign, so watch this space.


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