Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Maybelline Express Finish Diamonds

RRP: not found, though I gather it retails at between £3.99 and £6.99
no. of shades available: 6

--What does the promo say?--
"Wet to set, now in 40 seconds! Chip-resistant nail colour. Shock-control technology. Ultra-precise Control-flow™ brush for 1 coat application."

It's a slim square bottle, but it has some curve and extra dimension to it from the curved thicker glass layer at the bottom of the bottle and from the slightly rounded silver lid. The 40 second aspect is emphasised by way of a silver 'timer' motif on the front of the bottle and the concept of the product is expressed concisely, with the 'express' word leaning forwards to denote this and with little stars decorating the bottle to show off the 'diamond' shine. All of this is in silver, and actually looks simpler than it sounds. Opens and closes easily, and yet doesn't leak. The flat brush is nice too, though it's nothing new now.

After preparing your nails, carefully apply the colour. Sadly it takes a bit longer than 40 seconds to dry (probably more like 60-100 seconds), but once it has dried, complete with a top coat and you'll be all set.

No problems here: it's not sticky or runny, and goes onto the nails very well.

One coat will allow a softer, more natural look, with a second coat making things slightly more disco.

--Does it do what it promises?--
To an extent, yes. From a company that isn't a specialist in nail care, I found it really impressive that it lasted nearly a week before it began to chip. However, they shouldn't promise that it will dry in 40 seconds if it actually doesn't (and I timed it so I know it doesn't...).

--Value for money--
Even though for some reason I couldn't find an exact price, it's still pretty reasonable whichever way you look at it. The fact that the varnish lasts for so long without chipping means that one bottle certainly lasts a long time, and it assures continuity of high standards in Maybelline's products. Good work.

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