Tuesday, 23 September 2008

W7 Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick

RRP: £4.99
shades available: light/medium, medium/deep

--What does the promo say?--
"In its highly-polished green case, this concealer is perfect for covering those imperfections. It also contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic to help skin prone to acne."

Very different to other stick concealers on the market: instead of plumping for a subtle and gentle colour scheme, w7 have gone all out. This is SHINY. The shiny green tube is complemented by the white product information on the lid and by the silvery bar that separates the lid from the rest of the packaging. The lid is one that you just pull off and despite its cheapness it all seems pretty durable too.

Apply to any imperfections you want to cover, using fingers or a brush, and then blend.

There's no immediately discernible scent; however, if you stick your nose in and have a really good sniff then you can definitely pick out the tea tree oil, and it all smells very natural too (rather than chemical).

Despite the fact of there only being two shades available, I found that the light/medium matched my pale skin perfectly. It also blends seamlessly to match your skin tone and/or foundation.

Very good - it blends easily and is not too soft or too hard. It also doesn't irritate spots further.

No better or worse than any other concealer I've tried.

As above. I find it stays on fine when used with foundation and powder, but puts up a poor performance on its own.

--Effects on the skin--
It doesn't make spots worse, and while it's not magic, it does seem to shorten the life of the spot a little.

--Value for money--
While the RRP is £4.99, I have seen this online for as little as 99p. Go for it - it's a good concealer that's a vital staple for anyone suffering with acneic skin, and at that price, you can't lose.

--Other comments--
Often available in discount shops such as Ethel Austin, but it's even more readily available online, including on ebay, at www.buycosmetics.com, at www.allureamour.co.uk, at www.cosmeticsforall.com, at www.cosmetics4less.net and at www.savoncosmetics.co.uk .


sugarmicebeauty said...

i bought this for a pound at my local Savers, and i agree completely with your thoughts on this product:)
it's not the best concealer i have tried but it's not the worst. however, i would not spend more than a pound on this

Samantha said...

Yes I love this product. I brought it last year and it is good. Not the best quality but for the price I can't complaint. The coverage is ok and it seems to last all day. I brought this for £1 from http://www.discount-cosmetics.net and I will be going back for another shortly. Nice blog.