Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Treacle Moon Body Scrub (My Coconut Island)

no. of scents available: 5
RRP: £2.97 for 225ml
available: exclusively at Tesco

--About the brand--
"Treacle Moon is a little new UK company based in a small village in Hertfordshire. Its founder is Penny Anderson, who has spent more moons than she cares to admit to working in the beauty industry, doing her apprenticeship with the biggies such as L'Oréal and P&G before setting up her own business in 1992 creating and managing brands such as Nicky Clarke, The Sanctuary, Umberto Giannini and Elle Macpherson. We only told you that so you were reassured that we do know rather a lot about beauty and didn't just mix this product up in the garden shed with a little help of course from the garden gnome!"

--What does the promo say?--
"Always remember that true beauty begins from the heart...our lovely recipes simply do the best they can for your skin and your smile! We like to create products that you will love to use...scrumptious smells, fabulous textures and a 'look' that will sit with pride in your bathroom. Please enjoy."

It's probably one of the few shower products of the plastic tube/flip-top lid type that doesn't mysteriously collect water in its lid when left in the shower. It's also completely see-through so that you can always see how much remains. The text on the tube is black and orange, and as well as the name of the scrub and the company, there's also a charming little story in old-fashioned black typeface, relating to the idea of a coconut island. This is both original and endearing. The tube also seems pretty robust as well as having a young, cheeky, dreamy vibe about it.

Just squeeze out a 10p-sized amount, and this will generously cover your shoulders, arms, and chest area. Rub in for as much scrubbiness as you desire, and then rinse off.

Definitely very coconutty, which is a good sign for the rest of the brand. It's a very natural smell as well, which is slightly weird given that the ingredients list gives little indication of any natural coconut additive (e.g. coconut milk/oil).

Very creamy, but not runny; the scrubbiness is also perfect (not too harsh, and not barely-there). However, like with the scent, it's difficult to tell what causes the scrubbiness: close scrutiny of the ingredients list reveals that it *could* be silica, but even with intensive wikipedia searching, I am no scientist and still can't provide a definite answer.

White, with black scrubby bits, which isn't visible on the skin.

The scent certainly doesn't last all day; however, softness is definitely sustained.

--Does it do what it says it will?--
All this claims is that it will provide an enjoyable shower experience, and it undoubtedly does that: it is really pleasant to use, providing creaminess and scrubbiness in equal measure.

--Value for money--
Excellent by most people's standards, I think: a little goes a long way and so one tube lasts ages. It also delivers what it promises, so good call.

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berta said...

am I the only one who thinks these look exactly like Philosophy?

BiancaP said...

Now that you mention it, they do have very similar styles. I think Treacle Moon still manages to disassociate themselves by way of the daft little story device though, and I also think Treacle Moon produce better products than Philosophy at a better price :)

Anonymous said...

I was just given some stuff from the range; it's lovely! I was amazed to find it was such a good price.

It does look like Philosophy, and the little stories are a bit like innocent drinks, but it still has a little something all its own.

Exfoliating-Bath-Scrubber -Taylor said...

a plus to my beauty regiments.among my collections on beauty scrubs only in this product i find the most natural formula.thanks bianca.