Sunday, 12 October 2008

Superdrug Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask

RRP: £0.99 for 15ml sachet

--What does the promo say?--
"Give your skin a treat with Superdrug's Tea Tree and Peppermint Peel off Mask. Specially formulated, it cleanses the skin pore deep removing dirt, grease and other impurities."

This apparently now comes in sachets, but when I bought mine, it came in a clear tube with green plastic flip-top lid. It may still do, in fact, but since Superdrug's website is notoriously rubbish...
I'm not sure that the sachet thing is such a great concept for general use (think slippery stickiness and the thing drying out if you don't use everything in the sachet all in one go), but for travel it's always a good thing to have tiny sachets that you can take with you.
The tube is obviously easier to use, assuming they still sell it in this format.
In terms of branding, they've done a great job, with every product in the range being instantly recognisable.

--Application/usage instructions--
Smear generously onto face, leave to dry for 20-30 mins, and then peel off.

Very, very strong, in a peeling-onions, makes-your-eyes-water type way. The peppermint and the tea tree oil are equally prevalent.

While the gel itself is bright green, on the face it appears and dries totally clear.

--Consistency and texture--
Sticky and viscous. Not really nice to use.

A very pleasant cooling feeling on the face - you feel like it's actually doing something.

Not easy - it takes a looooong time to dry and you may need to help it along with some water and/or a dry flannel/towel.

--How does your skin look and feel afterwards?--
Noticeably smoother and more refined. Generally less rough-looking and pores appear temporarily minimised. Over time, there is a reduction in skin problems - it's strong stuff!

--Value for money--
Excellent - even the tube, if they still make it this way, is only around £2, from which you get several applications. If you use this with the other products in the range, you can feel the promise of good skin becoming a reality for surprisingly little money. They need to do something about the consistency of this mask - it's a bit too gloopy and sticky - but I'm prepared to put up with that for great-feeling, great-looking skin.

perfect partners
The Superdrug tea tree range has a variety of products, including concealers and cleansers.

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