Thursday, 30 October 2008

Dr Brandt's Liquid Synergy

RRP: $70 for 1.7oz

--About the brand--
--What does the promo say?--
"liquid synergy™ is designed to mimic skin’s structure, providing proteins and essential nutrients, allowing skin to be a better canvas for your night cream, leaving your skin refreshed and replenished.
Previously called 'liquid skin', liquid synergy™ is formulated with potent protective ingredients of green and white tea and seven essential amino acids, all of which are targeted to repair aging skin.
Adding liquid synergy™ to your nighttime regimen will help restore the skin allowing continuous balanced protection and replenishment of proteins and nutrients. liquid synergy™ is compatible with any skin care product.
Prepares skin for your night cream, enhancing the benefits. Provides essential nutrients, leaving skin refreshed and replenished. Restores moisture loss due to excessive exposure from environmental factors."

Sleek black, silver and white goodness. Looks very modern and edgy, particularly when compared to most anti-ageing products. Screw-top glass pot that would look nice in anybody's bathroom.

"Warm small dab between fingers and apply to cleansed and toned skin before your night cream."

Thick, white, luxurious-looking cream. No visible residue on the skin though.


Not runny, lumpy, or sticky. Perfect :)

--How does your skin feel afterwards?--
Uber-smooth and soft, from the moment you put it on at night to the moment you wake up in the morning.

--Effects on the skin over time--
Sadly, I think this may have caused a breakout in me, so the claim that this is for all skin types doesn't really wash (oily skin types - stay away!). Beyond that, I didn't really see any other effects, though I suspect you may have to use it for months or years, rather than weeks, for that.

--Value for money--
It contains a lot of natural ingredients, and it definitely makes your skin feel softer. However, I bet you can find plenty of normal moisturisers that do that, and I didn't notice much difference when using this compared to the effects of just using my normal moisturiser.
According to the current exchange rate, this is about £42, which is probably about the average price of an anti-ageing product, to be honest (there are plenty of lower-priced products, but plenty of higher-priced ones too!). My 2ml sample lasted me about a week and a half, so by that calculation, the 50ml pot should last you 250 days. That's about 16p a day. Worth it? You decide.

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