Thursday, 16 October 2008

Chanel Chance Gentle Shower Foam

RRP: £32

--What does the promo say?--
"Creamy mousse texture in lightest shade of pink. Easy to rinse off & leaves skin subtly perfumed. Contains active moisturising ingredients & protective-barrier agent. Gently cleanses skin & keeps it soft & supple."

All pink and silver girly wonder. The top pulls off, but luckily secures easily and faithfully. Conforms very well with Chanel's overall image: sophisticated, feminine, and not too in-your-face while still remaining distinctive.

--Application/usage instructions--
Pull off the lid, and press very gently on top of the white plastic dispenser part. I say 'gently' as the foam expands greatly once expelled from the canister, so less is most definitely more. Rub all over body (though I wouldn't recommend going near your ladybits with this - it's too strongly perfumed for that), and then wash off.

Flowery but with depth. It also fills the whole bathroom - the first time I used it, one of my flatmates could even smell it in the corridor. It really has something unique about it and should appeal to both girls and women of all ages.

No residue is left on the skin, but the foam itself is a light, creamy pink.

Really light and foamy, and yet still creamy and luxurious - it in no way feels thin or pathetic. Skin afterwards feels smooth and well cared-for.

Varies - sometimes it lasts until you go to bed, while sometimes it only lasts until lunchtime.

--Value for money--
I wasn't expecting it to be as expensive as it is (even though it is Chanel). However, one canister lasts aaaaaaaaages and it keeps really well too, even when you don't use it for a while. It is also an absolute joy to use and you are buying into one of the biggest, most well-known, most luxurious brands in the world. At this price, though, you may be into Christmas wishlist territory, but it is definitely worth asking for.

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