Saturday, 31 January 2009

L'Occitane Repairing Serum for Dry and Damaged Hair

RRP: £15.65 for 100ml

--What does the promo say?--
"This leave-on serum smoothes and nourishes hair. It repairs split ends and prevents frizz. The non-greasy formula protects against the damaging effects of environmental stresses and preserves the hair shine. This product is free from: parabens, SLES, silicone, synthetic colorants, formol or formaldehyde, animal ingredients, triclosan, BHA."

While I only tried this on a sample basis, my sample packet is much the same as the real thing: strangely calming combination of dark orange and dark green, with occasional use of silver to highlight the important bits. The real thing has this same label design adorning a pump-action opaque glass bottle. All very nice to look at and very in keeping with Occitane's usual brand.

Unfortunately, because of this, I ran into problems from the very beginning. The sample sachet I have states: "Apply to dry or towel-dry hair. Do not rinse." This, to me, is not enough detail - what do you mean, dry or towel dry? And how much to apply? I went for applying the whole 2ml sachet onto damp/towel dry hair. It's easy to apply beyond this at least - just smooth from root to tip, and leave on.

Creamy and light on the fingers. However, as time goes on, it unfortunately feels heavier on the hair.

I was expecting a clear or slightly orange-tinted light oil, but what I got was a rich-looking pale yellow cream. Instead of leaving your hair bouncy, light, and smooth, however, it left my hair bogged down and oily, meaning it was simply impossible for me to wear my hair down and still look nice.

--Overall effects--
It turned my normally straw-like hair ridiculously oily, and even after I'd washed it out the following morning, I saw no positive difference, although at least by washing it I got rid of the oiliness. So, overall effects: no positive effects at all, long or short-term.

--Value for money--
If this is what it does to my hair then I wouldn't pay a penny for it, let alone £15. How frustrating to have a potentially great product ruined by a lack of clear instructions, and to have my hair wrecked by yet another product that apparently only serves to take my hair from one extreme (straw) to the other (oil slick). I suppose that if it works on you, though, this is not a bad price for a product from an otherwise well-reputed brand. If you are only meant to use half the amount I used in one application, then the use of 1ml a day would mean this bottle lasted you 3.5 months, assuming you used it every day. I'm just disappointed that after the positive impression I got from L'Occitane's shower oil, they now need to redeem themselves so much after my experience of this.

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