Saturday, 17 January 2009

L'Occitane Red Rice Exfoliating Powder

RRP: £17.60

--What does the promo say?--
"A fun and innovative way to exfoliate! These flakes transform into an exfoliating cream when combined with water. It eliminates excess sebum, impurities and dead skin cells that can clog pores."

A recyclable plastic canister the colour of brown rice, jazzed up with the shiny red 'Red Rice' logo. It has a plastic 'dial' at the top which you can turn to reveal small dotty apertures, one large aperture, or to close all apertures completely. It closes securely, and this system allows you to dispense as much or as little powder as you desire. The only bad news is that if your bathroom is small, the damp from the steam can cause these holes to become a little clogged, but that is easily solved with the help of a pin or some nail scissors.

--Usage instructions--
The versatility of this is really quite ingenious. The powder can be mixed, as you so desire, with water or with your usual cleanser. When mixed with your chosen liquid, the powder becomes a fine exfoliating paste. If you choose to mix with cleanser, err on the side of caution with the amount of powder you use, as the powder does thicken your chosen liquid and you don't want to end up with more than you need. Once you are past the trial and error stage, there should be little or no wastage. You definitely need to do this over the sink - in-shower exfoliating is sadly not an option with this product for obvious reasons. After spreading the mixture onto your face, rinse off using warm water.

An off-white, slightly brown, coarse powder. When mixed with your chosen liquid, it becomes a translucent white colour (or invisible, if your cleanser is white). No visible residue is left on the face.

I am used to rougher exfoliators than this, so this felt a little too smooth to me, but I suspect it would be perfect for most people, particularly those with sensitive skin, as the scrubbiness does its job without 'overdoing' the sensation. The powder formula means that particles are of a minimal size.

Pleasant and clean, reminiscent of fresh laundry and (of course) freshly-cooked rice.

--How does your skin feel afterwards?--
I initially still had one or two infuriating dry patches when I first started using this, but with regular use it sends them all packing in no time, with skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

--Value for money--
The individuality and innovation embodied in this product is impressive, and its versatility should appeal to many. The price is perhaps a little more than some people would pay for an exfoliator, but you're getting a product that really mattifies and balances your skin, as well as a product that adapts to your beauty routine and can work with any other products you're using. Nice.

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