Friday, 16 January 2009

Marimekko for Avon Eyeshadow Palette

RRP: £8
# of shades available: 2 (Poppy Bloom - grey/green/pink/peach - and Poppy Bouquet - blue/purple/pink/green)

--What does the promo say?--
"A stunning collection of four beautiful toning shades of silky soft eyeshadow in designer packaging. Glowing ultra-blendable shadow glides on effortlessly and lasts for hours."

--About the brands--
Noted for their simple styles and printed coloured fabrics, Finnish brand Marimekko has been around since the 1950s but became especially prominent after featuring in the series Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw wore some of their clothes and swimwear. It began opening concept stores worldwide in 2007 and collaborated with Avon in 2008. Avon has been selling high-quality and affordable cosmetics for 50 years across Europe, and as the new millennium draws to the end of its first decade, Avon now sells lingerie, accessories, children's ranges and homeware products as well as its more famous cosmetics and fragrances.

The eyeshadow box reflects what you'll find inside: bold, flower-print eyeshadows encased in black. The flip-top lid is transparent so that this design is constantly visible, and the container seems durable overall. However, you get very little eyeshadow for your money, as half the tray is taken up by the black plastic, and because of the flower design, you don't get equal amounts of each colour either, though this hasn't proved problematic so far.

You can easily and adequately apply this using your fingers, though a brush may be needed for the smaller parts of the eyeshadow setting (e.g. the centre of the flower design). It would have also been advantageous if Avon had included an instruction leaflet similar to the handy instructions given for application in the brochure.

Very fine, smooth eyeshadow that isn't too powdery. Glides over the skin easily.

The colours mix and match harmoniously, though since I have the Poppy Bouquet version of this palette, I'm doubtful about the inclusion of the peach in Poppy Bloom and am not sure how well it would sit with the other palette colours. However, as previously mentioned, some sort of application leaflet would be helpful in making maximal use of and impact with the colours provided. In any case, a young fresh look is achieved almost effortlessly, no matter what combination you use the colours in.

These shadows seem pretty durable, only creasing a little towards the end of the day.

--Value for money--
This is sadly reduced by the fact that you only get half the amount of eyeshadow that the box size leads you to believe, and by the fact that £8 is frankly pushing it for what you do get (though if you buy strategically during one of Avon's sales you can get a much better deal). However, what you do get is good: a versatile, easy-to-use eyeshadow in durable and pretty packaging, which lasts almost all day on your eyelids too. Further to this, it is a promising output from Marimekko, apart from one or two packaging improvements, and once the brand becomes better known, its products could become much more expensive. So perhaps, on the face of it, this is a pretty good deal after all.

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