Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Lotion

RRP: £2.99

--What does the promo say?--
"Normal and combination skin needs intensive moisturisation, even during cleansing: its natural moisture balance should be respected to keep skin supple all day long. NIVEA VISAGE ® Refreshing Cleansing Lotion has been especially developed by the NIVEA Laboratories to meet the specific needs of normal and combination skin.

NIVEA VISAGE REFRESHING CLEANSING LOTION effectively yet gently cleanses normal and combination skin. Enriched with lotus extract & vitamins, the skin is optimally hydrated, keeping its natural moisture balance while make-up and daily impurities are removed. The gentle formula is so soft that it is even suitable for the delicate eye area.

The skin is effectively cleansed and hydrated for a fresh skin feeling."

They've changed it lately, but it doesn't look that different: it's kept the same unisex blue and white colour scheme, and although the Nivea Visage logo has also changed slightly, it still has the silver edging for a bit more zing. They've also kept the flat plastic flip-top lid, which looks fragile, but is in fact rather durable, with a strong hinge.

Squeeze a 10p-sized amount onto a cotton disc, and then sweep over face, leaving the eyes to last. Repeat once more to ensure that no traces of makeup remain.
Alternatively, you can spread a similar amount all over your face, creating a light film. Leave for a few minutes and then remove with a clean cotton disc or with a flannel.

My boyfriend thinks this smells lovely - very fresh, homely and clean - and he's all over me after I've used it. The cucumber smell comes through too, but not too strongly.

Creamy, and yet simultaneously light and non-comedogenic, which bodes well for Nivea's moisturisers for this skin type (even though I had bad experiences with their night cream, which made me break out). Not too runny either - nice!

This both cleanses and removes makeup effectively, leaving face feeling clean, matte, balanced, and non-greasy. Not a bad performance for something not specifically aimed at oily skin like mine (it's aimed at normal to combination skin). You also almost don't need to moisturise afterwards either, as it leaves skin feeling smooth and soft too.

--Value for money--
You certainly can't argue with £2.99, even if the toner and moisturiser in the range are slightly more expensive. This cleanser/makeup remover, even with its 'normal/combination skin' label, should suit the vast majority of skin types, even if you normally go straight for the 'oily' or 'dry' skin products. One bottle lasts ages (perhaps even over six months), even with everyday use, and the product itself certainly delivers on its promises.

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