Thursday, 26 February 2009

Bourjois Imperfection Concealer

# of shades available: 3
RRP: £5.40 on

--What does the promo say?--
"We've all been through it: skin breakouts at the most crucial times! Bourjois helps you look your best with Imperfection Concealer, which provides high coverage for blemishes. Its texture is also creamy enough to use under the delicate eye area, to banish heavy-duty dark circles."

I like the leopard/wildlife approach, as it's very different to other stick concealers on the market. The stick is also very dinky and I like the little mirror on the top too. The only thing to not score points with me is the use of the word 'imperfection' - really prefer the use of the word 'blemish', but maybe that's just a personal thing. The container fastens securely and, although it's made of plastic, it seems fairly durable.

Just stroke onto blemishes directly from the stick or by using your own brush. Ideally do this after applying foundation so that the foundation has already done some of the work for you, but before applying powder.

Looks slightly caked on and is only half effective when it comes to covering spots, and despite the limited range of shades it seems to blend well with even the palest of foundation or powder (though those with darker skins may have more trouble). However, I wouldn't be happy to use it on its own, as I would be with e.g. L'Oreal's Touche Magique.

Certainly adequate, though not the finest or lightest concealer I've ever tried.

Coverage was only adequate to begin with, but it at least doesn't seem to slide off or fade.

--Value for money--
At £5.40 it's an OK price, but I'd be loath to pay much more. This concealer is average: it doesn't stand up either to other stick concealers (e.g. Collection 2000's) or pen/liquid concealers (e.g. L'Oreal's). My advice? Go with something else.

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