Saturday, 21 February 2009

China Glaze Nail Polish

RRP: c.$9/£7.95 a bottle

--What does the promo say?--
"Why should you choose China Glaze nail polish? China Glaze is a brand that has proven its worth by the thousands of customers that continue to come back for more. With our experience, China Glaze nail polish stays on and looks beautiful at the same time! China Glaze nail polish is used in professional nail polish salons across the United States on acrylic nails and natural nails."

The brand name is clever and unusual, tacitly promising the same effect of a pottery-esque glaze on your nails, as if you yourself were a work of art. The logo is in keeping with this home-made, kilned imagery, simply comprising a monochrome flame. The lid is black and the width of the bottle tapers towards the lid.

The soft brush makes application easy. After applying a base coat, one stroke on the middle of the nail, followed by each side, should do it. Second coat optional, though finishing with a top coat is advised.

It certainly delivers on the idea of a glaze, offering a smooth, high-shine colour. The brand's range of colours also offers shimmery, metallic, and glittery variants.

It certainly seems smooth enough, without being too runny, but takes a long time to dry. There is, however, certainly no stickiness or lumpiness.

Mixed feelings on this one: it seems to chip and smudge VERY easily on occasion, even when you think the stuff has finally dried. However, on the whole results are generally good, even if you opt out of using a top coat.

--Value for money--
Prices are reasonable, especially for a brand specialising in nail varnish (brands that don't specialise in nail colour, such as Maybelline, probably offer their polishes for the same price), and even more so given that if you shop around the products can be even cheaper elsewhere. A huge range of colours and finishes are offered, allowing consumers to choose from a cheaper alternative to brands such as OPI. While Nails Inc probably still pips this to the post, it is a lot more expensive with it, and given that this is comparable in price to various high street brands, while still offering a high standard of choice and quality, I would go for this over Maybelline and Bourjois equivalents every time. Just be careful when applying and your patience will probably pay off.

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