Saturday, 21 February 2009

Estée Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover

RRP: £17.62 for 200ml

--What does the promo say?--
"An exclusive, patented gel-creme that quickly and thoroughly removes all makeup even transfer-resistant and waterproof formulas and cleanses the face of impurities in just one step, leaving the skin soft, smooth and completely clean. Encapsulates liquid emollients in microscopic gel bubbles. When massaged into the skin, bubbles release emollients that penetrate and dissolve makeup and lift away surface oils and dirt. Immediately "melts" away even the most stubborn makeup. Lifts away dirt and impurities. Feels cool and refreshing upon application. Leaves skin silky smooth, with no greasy residue."

A pale blue pump-action plastic bottle, in keeping with all of Estée Lauder's other skincare products, and with the distinctive logo subtly displayed. However, at 200ml, a smaller available version would be useful for travel.

The Estée Lauder website advises users to "pump bottle twice and apply product directly to skin. Do not wet face first. Massage thoroughly. Transfer-resistant makeup may need additional gentle massage. For best results rinse off with water." However, as far as I could tell from the sample I was given, 2 pumps would probably be too much, so this bottle could turn out to be more economical than the application instructions make it appear. Rinsing off with water also does not seem to be necessary: no residue is left on the skin, skin feels adequately cleansed, and makeup is suitably removed, without this additional step being required.

The lotion is a pale duck-egg blue, identical to the packaging in colour. It looks natural and leaves no visible residue on the face.

No discernible scent.

Perfect: not too oily (which the Nivea remover that I reviewed can sometimes feel in the fingers), not too runny (ditto), not too stiff or lumpy. Brava!

It removes makeup more easily than any other remover I've tried (yes, even the Olay one of which I sing such praise). With other removers, there can be smudges on the cotton pad after using my toner even the next morning. With this, you KNOW it's all gone, and it doubles up as an effective cleanser to boot.

--Value for money--
While I initially balked at the cost, and can't see myself ever spending that much on remover wipes (even for travel), I could potentially see myself buying this (although being a perpetual bargain hunter means that I still wouldn't stop trawling discount cosmetics sites to try to get it for less). It is the best makeup remover I've ever tried - and also the most expensive. Perhaps you really do get what you pay for?

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