Monday, 2 February 2009

Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm

RRP: £14.69 for 15ml

--What does the promo say?--
"A balm formulation choc-full of key ingredients. Because of its super-concentration, chapped, dry, cracked lips are a thing of the past. Instead lips are soft, smooth and given a new lease of life. Perfect for the entire family, it protects and delivers continuous moisture."

Classic Clarins in unisex white and dark red (although, saying that, their men's range is white and dark blue). Refreshingly uncomplicated.

The Clarins website recommends the following: "Apply morning and/or evening and several times during the day if needed. Gently squeeze the tube and apply pressing the slanted tip against lips." I'm surprised they actually recommend reapplication several times a day, as it implies that the balm doesn't hold for long. Is this a stupid mistake? Are they just trying to get you to apply it liberally so that you buy more of it? Or are they just being honest?

A beautiful peachy colour that looks wonderfully natural, while still delivering high shine on the lips, and which also makes lips appear bigger.

Unfortunately, this smells and tastes much like soap. A shame, as the peachy colour leads you to expect something fruitier. Even more unfortunately, the taste really lingers in the mouth if you happen to catch it on your tongue. Make sure you have a box of Tic Tacs ready.

Wonderfully sumptuous and thick without being sticky, stringy or heavy.

This has excellent tenure - it isn't perfect, but certainly puts up a better fight than the majority of high street glosses and balms. Reapply 2-4 times a day.

--Effects on the lips--
Short-term and long-term, this provides an effective barrier against cold winds and keeps your lips soft and smooth.

--Value for money--
A versatile and effective product that combines the glamour of gloss with the utility of a lip balm, this is a great way to sex up those dull winter days, and certainly worth your £14 - especially since you need so little per application. However, they really really need to sort that taste out - it's the only thing stopping this from being a virtually perfect product.

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