Thursday, 7 May 2009

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment

RRP: £14

--What does the promo say?--
"The perfect companion to our original classic. This fast-absorbing gel cream for the hands moisturises for up to 8 hours. Soothing emollients smooth and soften rough, weather-exposed skin. Signs of dryness and cracking are reversed so hands feel and look soft and touchable."

Pure white, classic and simple, with just the Elizabeth Arden logo and product details in black and a silver band cinching in the circular lid as adornments. The lid is a screwtop and the tube stands on the lid easily in the bathroom. Some of the more modern tubes may have the dopey watermarked 8s all over it in grey as well (why fix what isn't broken? I ask...).

Apply liberally as often as necessary.

A perfectly smooth and soft white cream which leaves no visible residue on the hands.

It's difficult to find information on what this actually contains (especially when you throw the box away...ahem). However, a lot of digging later, I found that its ingredients list included shea butter, vitamin E, an African grass named Imperata, geraniol (which has a rose-like odour) and citral (which unsurprisingly is lemony). I was pleased to have correctly picked up on the lemon scent, but there's also a more herby, botanical scent there which I can't quite place. Anyway - the upshot is that it smells very nice. Unusual yet traditional and easily unisex - it has a sharpness to it that isn't too feminine to put off the guys.

Bang on perfect - absorbs almost instantly.

--How does your skin feel afterwards?--
Immediately smoothed and softened. Dry patches are also sent packing after just one or two uses.

--Value for money--
While not exactly the cheapest hand cream out there, it's also a long way from being the most expensive. It's also arguably multi-use - as well as being used in a practical way as an effective treatment for dry skin, it's also great to keep by the sink or in your bag to just add a touch of luxury to your day. This combines Atrixo's efficacy with a bit of classic glamour. Nicely done. And best of all, you can get it in a 3-pack at Boots with the Body Moisturiser and the original Skin Protectant for just £25 here.

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