Thursday, 21 May 2009

Jergens Skin Firming Body Moisturiser

RRP: £2.44
also available in Skin Hydrating, Age Defying, and Extra Softening versions

--What does the promo say?--
"Made with 96% natural ingredients, this highly effective formula visibly moisturises and firms cellulite prone skin in just one use. Key natural ingredients are pomegranate (source of powerful antioxidants, known to savage free radicals, which reduce skin elasticity), aloe (for moisturising, cooling and firming) and white tea (anti-inflammatory; contains anti-oxidants). Other ingredients are jojoba seeds, soy beans, cotton seeds, sunflower, palm kernels, grape seeds, green tea leaves, greater celandine, and dog rose."

--About the brand--
"Since 1901, Jergens® body moisturisers have been the smart choice for those who want soft, smooth and beautiful skin. As America’s best-selling bodycare range – beloved of Hollywood stars and top make-up artists for over a century – Jergens® skincare experts have now created and brought to the UK a range of highly effective natural moisturisers. All our products are formulated from the finest plant-derived extracts, delivering effective body moisturisers for women of all ages, and for a variety of skin types. Jergens® Naturals™ products work with your skin’s natural processes to provide instant body hydration. They’re 95% natural and 100% effective - no compromise. The experts behind the Jergens® brand passion for the environment runs as deep as the hydrating action of its body moisturisers, with all of the products made in the UK, keeping carbon miles low, not tested on animals and paraben free. Say goodbye to synthetic moisturiser, and hello to naturally healthy skin."

A lovely, graceful-looking plastic tube that stands freely on its lid. A sort of yeasty colour, it's decorated with a willowy leaf pattern, with the 96% natural ingredients claim, product name and brand name made clear and kept simple. The tube is generously-sized and seems to close securely.

Apply liberally to thighs, bottom, and anywhere else where you'd like to target the appearance of cellulite.

The pomegranate does come through, but it doesn't seem as fruity as other products containing it that I've used recently (e.g. from Lloydspharmacy). Perhaps other products have had the smell enhanced artificially; perhaps in this product the scent is tempered by the inclusion of the other, also rather fragrant, ingredients. Who knows? Somewhat bizarrely, though not unpleasantly, I was also reminded of the smell of baking bread while using this product.

A perfectly smooth off-white lotion. No visible residue is left on the skin.

A little runny perhaps, in that it slides down your fingers a little when initially squeezed from the tube, but it doesn't squirt excessively from the tube, leading to wastage, and nor is it greasy or slow to absorb.

--How does your skin feel afterwards?--
Adequately smooth and moisturised. It also seems to have the added bonus of calming my legs, acting as preventative care from the weird itchy/prickly heat I seem to experience as summer approaches.

--Does it fulfil its promise?--
This product promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and it definitely does this - I don't know that I'd subscribe to the theory of it doing this in one or two uses, but I certainly noticed a difference within a week. Skin feels firmer and cellulite appears reduced. SCORE.

--Value for money--
Just excellent. Why would you buy Clarins', L'Oreal's, or any other company's overpriced anti-cellulite treatment when you can have this? Jergens don't use parabens in their products, they don't test on animals, and they keep their prices honest. An ethical bargain. All they need now is to release hand creams, facial moisturiser and cocoa butter body lotion for stretch marks, and they'd be completely set.

To celebrate the launch of Jergens®, America’s best selling body care band, Ruby Hammer, International make-up artist and Jergens® Naturals™ fans will be marching for natural beauty.
The lively march will start at Carnaby Street and end In Leicester Square. The team will be campaigning to highlight the importance of caring for your skin naturally – come down and witness this event first hand. There will be a few surprises in store!
Mannequins of all descriptions will be joining in the march, and the mannequins say it all - our skin is not synthetic so why use a moisturiser that is?
Starting at the bottom of Carnaby Street (12.00), walking up towards Argyll Street, onto Regent Street and finally finishing at Leicester Square
Tuesday 26th May 2009, 12.00pm

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