Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Crème de la Mer Refining Facial

RRP: £59 for a 100ml tube

--What does the promo say?--
"This multi-action complex instantly smoothes and boosts skin's brightness and radiance - revealing a fresh new surface. The Refining Facial utilises fermented acidic sea muds to soften skin and gently lift away dry surface cells. As the cream is lightly massaged onto the face, pure diamond powder and polished sea quartz perform as physical exfoliants while smart minerals convert the massage action into energy. Circulation is immediately stimulated and skin is awakened."

White, with the classic pink and green Crème de la Mer gracing it for company. A stand-alone plastic tube.

As I have found, there are two ways with this. The Crème de la Mer website recommends massaging this onto clean, dampened skin before rinsing well and following with a toner. However, you can also use it as a mask by spreading it thinly onto clean dry skin with fingers or a spatula, leaving it on for 15 minutes and then rinsing off.

Lovely and minty - delish!

In keeping with the scent, it's a beautiful minty green, with the exfoliants dotted visibly in the lotion.

A luxurious, creamy and slightly stiff lotion that spreads easily onto the face and washes off well.

--How does your skin look and feel afterwards?--
Miraculous. As well as feeling ridiculously smooth (for DAYS after you've done the treatment, not just in the immediate aftermath), skin also looks visibly much better. Pores are clearly tightened and made to appear smaller; complexion and skin tone are evened; face looks powdered and smooth, as if you'd just that moment put on your foundation, concealer and powder.

--Value for money--
Ahem. This is the tricky part. At £59 for 100ml, it's at the cheaper end of Crème de La Mer's product range, where prices frequently exceed double this. It's therefore the only product that I might ever be in with a shout at buying (or at least putting on my Christmas list). However, you only need a ridiculously tiny amount each time (I reckon my minuscule sample pot will do me at least three applications) and it blows other face masks and skin perfectionist products out of the water. If you were thinking of purchasing a serum at £70-odd, say, in the hope of your skin looking better for it, I'd say don't - get this instead. Best. Facemask. Ever.

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