Thursday, 14 May 2009

Impulse Goddess Body Fragrance

RRP: £2.10 for 75ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Dermatologically tested, gentle on your skin. Only you have the power to make your personality shine. Glow with happiness. Be proud of who you are. Impulse Goddess: irresistibly radiant."

A pleasant yellow colour with a vibrant peach, red, white and orange flower bursting out, adjacent to the scribbled Impulse logo in black. A spray top with no separate lid but which can be clicked open and closed by means of a small rotating screen-like apparatus. It's good that Impulse have done this as far too many body spray manufacturers (including Impulse themselves back in the 1990s!) have lids on their sprays that can easily get lost.

The Impulse website advises you to hold the can 15 cm from the body and spray, obviously keeping away from the eyes.

Claiming to offer oriental and citrus notes in Goddess, Impulse certainly delivers, with both concepts being clearly distinguishable. Got to love it when a perfume smells exactly like it says it will. This is something that Impulse has always been good at - as well as successfully targeting their audience of girls and young women aged 11 to 30, their scents have always been reliable, accurate and faithful. On the rare occasion that Impulse does celebrity endorsements (like they did with the Spice Girls during my teenage years) they always seem to produce a fragrance that correlates well with the celebs in question too.

I won't lie to you: at £2 a can, it doesn't stay on the skin all day. However, it puts up a fair fight against other, more expensive, fragrances which sometimes perform very poorly on this score.

--Value for money--
For a cheerful, light fragrance that does exactly what it says on the tin at credit-crunch-busting prices, an Impulse fragrance is always a good choice. With a brand that's always on the button with the latest fragrance trends, in an easy-to-chuck-in-your-bag format, it's fairly safe to assume you can't go wrong - whether you're a young teen just starting out with perfume or a self-assured young woman. Girl power it is.

list of scents available from Impulse
Hint of Musk (lime, jasmine, wood)
London (grapefruit, jasmine, vanilla)
New York (apple, red fruits, jasmine, sandalwood)
Paris (orange, tamarind, tangerine, jasmine)
Siren (water flowers and cedar)
Tease (zesty pineapple and exotic wood)
Temptation (vanilla and amber)
Thrill (mandarin, rose, amber)
TrueLove (freesias, amber)

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