Saturday, 31 July 2010

Cosmetics & Beauty News July 2010

Dare to discover Forbidden Rose
Borrowing from Viktor & Rolf's and Thierry Mugler's styling, the angular purple bottle topped with black rose houses Avril Lavigne's new fragrance, Forbidden Rose, which is out now in stores across Europe. Available in various eau de parfum sizes, a body lotion and a shower gel, and is supposed to feature notes of red apple, winepeach, black pepper, lotusflower, heliotrope, shellflower, praline agreement, sandalwood, and vanilla. Sounds gothically delicious.
Singer Faith Hill is also bringing out a fragrance this summer, entitled Faith, which is touted as an elegant and confident fragrance that is perfect for the season. Affordable and grownup-sounding, it contains a mixture of florals and fruits, ranging from peony and pear to magnolia and musk. With prices starting at just $18, it sounds divine; here's hoping it will hit the UK and Europe soon too!

It's all about feet
Feet can really suffer in summer, becoming dry and tired, so it's good that there's a new range of products out there from Upper Canada Soap, called All About Feet. Comprising an intriguingly-shaped foot massage bar, a foot butter, a foot cream, a foot spray, and foot files, there's also a warming foot scrub that warms on contact and a cooling leg rub. Prices start from just £2, too, so that you can look after your feet at small prices.

Check this out

Burberry has finally lent its distinctive check design to a range of makeup. Amazingly, despite the brand's gross misappropriation by the chav community, the line does not look chavvy at all, but instead radiates stunning elegance and beauty. Available at Harrods now, prices start at £15.

Exclusive suncare advice from Boots
Boots' senior suncare advisor Mike Brown has plenty to say about the sun. Even when it becomes overcast, he says, you shouldn't stop being careful - you can still get burnt. You should also still continue to use sun protection once you already have a tan - if you burn while you have a tan, your skin will peel and you'll lose the colour that you've built up. Feel free to reduce the SPF of your suncream once you do have a tan, though, and at Boots, that's made even easier, with all sun protection products (not just their inhouse brand Soltan) being buy one get one free.

Origins ceases distribution in France
Origins' ten-year presence in France came to an end on Saturday with distribution being stopped almost completely. While the brand has not completely ruled out the possibility of returning to France in the future, it currently does not feel able to pursue promotion in France. I'm wondering what promotion this is exactly; I've lived in France now for nearly two years and don't think I've ever seen the brand advertised. Nevertheless, the brand will continue to trade in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States and the United Kingdom, and the internet is a wonderful thing too.

30 Days of Fashion and Beauty is back!
Enjoying popularity in previous years, several big beauty names have clubbed together again for this September. For thirty days straight, you'll be able to enjoy giveaways, events and tips. They've also introduced the Ebay Outlet this year ( which will allow you to get massive discounts off your favourite brands, such as Kookai, Office, Schuh, and Ted Baker. Go to to make sure you don't miss out on anything else!

Lie down on a Bed of Nails
Revolutionising acupuncture exclusively at Harvey Nichols, the Bed of Nails helps to alleviate a range of conditions including stress, insomnia, muscle pain, and maybe even cellulite. The 'nails' on the mat and pillow help to release endorphins and oxytocin for calmness, relaxation and pain relief. A percentage of every sale goes to the Take Heart India charity, and not only is it affordable at £49 but it's also stylish and unisex (available in green, pink or black). A pretty small price to pay for a more relaxed and feel-good kind of life :)And to add to that spa sensation...
If setting up an acupuncture treatment centre in your front room wasn't enough, you can add to the atmosphere with aromatherapy spa jars from Yankee Candle. Consisting of five unique new blends, the spa jars help to diffuse the scents of essential oils and offer specific mood benefits (relaxation - lavender/ylang ylang/geranium; blissfulness - choose from sage/white tea or tangerine/vanilla; and stress relief - choose from shea butter/cedarwood or cinnamon/frankincense). Starting at just £7.99 for a small jar, they're a great way to transform your home into a state of pure zen at recession-busting prices. And if jars of essential oil don't quite float your boat, the company also offers reed diffusers, sprays, pot pourri, and even lamps (and, of course, candles). has all the information you need.

Have a relaxing August!

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