Sunday, 25 July 2010

Molton Brown Healthy Ziao Jao Hair Wash

RRP: £17/300ml

--What does the promo say?--
"This revitalising hair cleansing wash is ideal for everyday use. Crammed full of ziao jao extract, hydrolysed keratin and aromatic oils of juniper, artemisia and pepper, it’ll help keep your hair and scalp clean and looking healthy. Ziao jao, also known as Chinese honeylocust fruit, is known to help cleanse and keep the scalp looking healthy and soothed. Suitable for normal hair types."

The sample size is a good deal simpler than the full-size bottle, which seems to have gone for an even more sophisticated layout style, with nice effective use of yellow. Despite the yellow, the shampoo's not just for blondes. The screwtop lid may be difficult to get used to for some, but fear not: shampoo slides out of the bottle slowly and there's little or no wastage.

Lather into wet hair, and rinse after a few minutes. Nothing to worry about there.

Lather is white and very ordinary-looking. No visible residue is left in hair after rinsing.

Unusual; floral/botanical but not sickly in any way. The fragrance is one that lingers in the hair and attracts compliments.

--Texture and consistency--
The shampoo itself is quite viscous (hence the lack of wastage mentioned in the packaging comments), but it's easy to work through the hair and easy to rinse out as well. A smooth lather is instantly created on contact with water.

--Effects on the hair--
Hair is tamed, smoothed and straightened, but frizz is not 100% reduced and there's no increase in shine either. Shame.

--Value for money--
I know it's a luxury brand, and a little goes a long way and everything, but really. This is pretty darned expensive for something that only delivers OK/normal results. If there were a matching conditioner (there isn't), you'd be talking about paying £34 for a shampoo and conditioner. Buy the travel versions for your holidays, since they are just unbeatably convenient, but then go for full-size salon brands for everyday, such as John Frieda or Trevor Sorbie (which, perhaps ironically, are considerably less expensive).

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