Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lolita Lempicka Forbidden Flower

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--What does the promo say?--
"Forbidden Flower Eau de Parfum includes an Absinthe Flower fragrance, which is natural and voluptuous, innocent and stunning, yet emits the occasional crisp while often sensual floral notes. The Absinthe Floral bouquet unveils a cascade of green, bracing and acidic notes from its Strawberry Leaf and Mimosa Stem scents. Not as innocent as it seems... the peony is a radiant, full flower with disturbing sensuality that mixes beautifully with the powdery round character of Violet. Aniseed Flower blends subtly with this mixture of petals, releasing its absinthe aroma that boost our desire for carnal delights. As the blossom then develops into a fruit, its bottom notes unveil a luscious warmth with a fruity sweetness, and a musky scent that is enveloped in a hint of almond and sour cherry with berry accents."

Glorious. Like Nina Ricci and Viktor and Rolf put together, but x500%. Golden and embellished, the slightly kooky company logo adorns the apple-shaped bottle for even more flourish. Quite clearly no effort or time has been squandered here; the result is magnificent.

Spritz onto pulse points for maximum diffusion and impact (behind ears, onto wrists, onto chest).

A clear liquid with no hue or sparkle.

Really unusual: fruity and musky, with unexpected tones beneath. I wish the absinthe were more detectable, but maybe it's doing more work beneath the surface than I realise. The violet is barely there, and that's probably a good thing: again, it's probably doing its part somewhere, and if it were any more full-on the fragrance would be too sweet and sickly. Excellent for any woman with a sense of fairytale and fun. However, it unfortunately develops into something more conventional, which is a shame.

Sadly not as good as I had hoped :( Expect to reapply this once or twice a day.

--Value for money--
Good if you shop around but you could easily get your wallet back screaming and crying. Do your research first: it's worth having, but only at the best possible price.

perfect partner
Forbidden Flower Beauty Body Lotion, €38,60

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