Friday, 9 July 2010

Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment

RRP: £1.95 at
# of shades available: 8

--What does the promo say?--
"Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment is a gorgeous lip gloss which deeply conditions and moisturises your lips while providing a beautiful, luminous diamond shine. With Aloe, Shea Butter and Vitamin A it provides instant hydration and improves lip texture."

Some might think the faux diamond on the front of the tube is tacky, but I quite like it: it makes it stand out from other products when it might otherwise be passed by. The company name doesn't feature at all on the tube; whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you.

Sweep a thin layer across your lips and you are good to go. Super easy.

Almost slightly floral; it has a perfumey quality to it that I had not expected and does not smell cheap or chemical like many other lip glosses in this bracket.

--Texture and consistency--
Not at all sticky; it feels solid, hardwearing and dependable, but comfortable and smooth, while the glitter particles don't grate or irritate at all. Feels as light as a feather on the lips, but not at all weak or watery in application.

Finally to the most important aspect! I possess the now-defunct Pink Bouquet shade, which is a delightful inbetween pinky-red colour, studded with tiny particles of glitter. However, despite the deep shade, it is a natural match for my lips, delivering a rosy sheen that shimmers beautifully. The range of shades available, though, leads me to believe that there would be a shade out there for just about everyone, from the transparent Diamonds to the red Royal Romance, with several pink, orange and brown shades in between.

It is unfortunately not perfect; expect to reapply throughout the day. It will last a couple of hours but not much more, and definitely doesn't survive a meal.

--Value for money--
As already mentioned, this gloss doesn't quite tick all the boxes, so if it's an all-day and all-night gloss you want, then you may wish to look elsewhere. However, I sincerely believe that at this price, it's the best 'cheap' lip gloss around, especially given that it contains such fabulous caring natural ingredients that are normally limited to glosses whose prices are out of this one's league (normally for under £2 you're restricted to 17 and Collection 2000). A sparkling summer essential.

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