Saturday, 28 November 2020

Payot Uni Skin Perles des Rêves

RRP: £54 for 38g

--What does the promo say?--

"The latest addition to the Uni Skin perfecting routine, Perles des Rêves offers your skin just what it needs to ensure a more even, brighter complexion in the morning. Its pearls enriched with shea butter melt on the skin, enveloping it with infinite softness. Used night after night, your skin will look more beautiful, softer and more harmonious."


The jar is elegant and ergonomically designed, with the opaque glass jar beautifully displaying the pearls. The Payot logo is minimalist and unobtrusive. The white lid is a screw top, but it has no place for the opaque white spatula to sit or slot in, which seems inconvenient. The spatula itself is a good size. There's also a cover once the lid has been removed, to protect the pearls. This is easily pulled off when you need to use the product, but sits securely when not in use, so that you can travel with this product with confidence.


The Payot website instructs, "In the evening, use the spatula to collect a pearl, then melt it in the palm of your hand. Apply to the face and neck after thorough cleansing." Unfortunately, I didn't read this prior to use and don't remember it being indicated on the silver cardboard box that encased all of the above. So I took four pearls (as that was the amount that seemed to sit comfortably on the spatula). This was probably too much - but I am not sure that only one pearl would cut it either (more of which below).


The white pearls are gorgeous to look at and have the sheen that you would expect as well. When warmed in your hands, they melt and coalesce to create something resembling a more traditional face cream that we would be familiar with. Once rubbed into the skin, no visible residue is left.


A more heavily perfumed scent than I would normally choose for a face cream, proving quite botanical thanks to the various plant and flower extracts that are included. However, this soon settles down and doesn't feel too intrusive once the cream has been rubbed in, though it is still detectable. I actually quite liked this in the end as it made the bedtime routine feel more ritualistic.

--Texture and consistency--

As mentioned, four pearls was probably too many. This amount moisturised my face and neck generously this evening. However, I feel like one pearl would not do my full face, let alone my neck. So I will definitely be trying 2 or 3 pearls next time and seeing what works for me and my skin. This was perhaps exacerbated by the fact that I felt that the pearls, even once melted, had quite a thick texture and were not easy to rub into the skin compared to other face creams I have tried. This lack of smoothness perhaps detracts from the overall experience. The cream sat somewhat stickily on the skin for a while after applying it. While, as a night cream, we could argue that this does not matter as it has plenty of time to absorb, I have used other night creams that sink into the skin more easily than this one does.

--Effects on the skin--

This product promises a more uniform complexion, more nourished skin, and increased radiance. It may well be purely cosmetic (thanks to the product's literal pearlescence) but I suspect the product's slightly shimmery effect does indeed make the complexion appear more uniform and radiant, thanks to the effects of light-reflecting particles. Whether this is indicative of any deeper changes perhaps remains to be seen. Similarly, it promises to be "anti dark spot", meaning that ironically, for a product to fulfil its preventative aims, nothing should happen - so it's difficult to tell whether dark spots might have developed even if I had not used this product. However, I strongly suspect that increased nourishment is possible with this product thanks to its luxurious thickness and high-quality ingredients - and a higher percentage of users reported seeing this effect than increased uniformity (according to the statistics on Payot's website).

--Value for money--

Payot is a prestigious brand and so I was pleased to pick up this jar in my local TK Maxx for a mere £12.99. As a result, I would definitely be interested in trying more from the Uni Skin range (or indeed even their Pâte Grise anti-blemish range). Different websites and shops seem to be offering it at a range of different prices at the moment, so definitely shop around online and near you for the best deal. However, I am not sure if I would pay the full £50+ for a jar, just because I typically wouldn't spend this much on moisturiser anyway. More objectively, it's a luxurious product in terms of texture and scent which many will find a pleasure to use - and it's a visual treat as well. More to the point, I genuinely believe it does nourish the skin - so it will tick many people's boxes and would make a beautiful gift this Christmas.

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