Monday, 13 July 2009

Guerlain Paradis Exotique Ombre Eclat

RRP: £33
available from and at Harrods

--What does the promo say?--
"Guerlain Paradis Exotique Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eyeshadow is a beautiful limited-edition collector's item for riveting eyes. Discover Guerlain Guerlain Paradis Exotique Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eyeshadow is vibrant, exotic, sparkling and extremely sexy that gives the eyes a bright fashion look with a modern bronzy twist, for a truly captivating look. An exhilarating palette of four shades: pink, orange, green, brown embellished with an exotic leaf motif in pearly green. The celebrated metallic compact designed by Herve Van der Straeten dons a new dress for spring, in a pure and fresh bronze-green subtly etched with delicate plant motifs and an elegant, slender bird of paradise."

Simply gorgeous - just opening it is like unwrapping a present. To begin with you have the black box, shot through with grey lines and bearing the Guerlain logo. Then you have a black velvet drawstring bag (again bearing the Guerlain name, this time in curly silver script), and inside the bag, along with the substantially-sized compact, is a little booklet of instructions giving details of possible combinations to help you make the best of the eye colours. The compact itself contains two sponge brushes, one smaller and more tapered than the other, opens and closes easily, and the compact lid has an embossed design of beautiful tropical fronds, as well as the curly Guerlain logo engraved at the bottom of the lid. It contains a goodly sized mirror and a plastic tray to protect the shadows and hold the brushes, and the shadows themselves are embossed with an extra fronds design in gold powder. Sadly, this powder is gone after the first application, but the colours are just as lovely even when it's gone. The only disadvantage is that it's very easy to get fingerprints all over it, so just pick it up at the edges.

As mentioned, the instructive booklet is really helpful for giving you room to try out lots of different looks - all of them successful. This means that application is made easy for even the most inexperienced of makeup wearers, although a little patience is required to work up the amount of colour needed on the brush.

A really unique, subtle look that's great for spring and summer. All of the colours are visible individually as well as blending seamlessly together for an opalescent rainbow look. Boyfriend didn't like the green quite so much, claiming it looked more yellow than green, but the other colours are sublime, especially the pink. The finished look is surprisingly matte, and, as previously mentioned, not too in-your-face either. I can also see this colour combination working for all ages and complexions.

Finely pigmented, so, as I said before, you need a little patience to get the necessarily buildup of colour on the brush prior to and during application (as is in keeping with other Guerlain eyeshadows, such as the now defunct Meteorites Eyeshadow Pen). However, it's worth it in the end for the excellent results.

This is part and parcel of the aforementioned excellent results. Lasts all day without even a hint of a crease (though this is with the help of an eyeshadow primer, of course, but not all eyeshadows fare as well with one). Absolutely no complaints.

--Value for money--
I can completely understand people baulking at the price of this; indeed, I myself dithered for quite some time before making my purchase. However, it has already proved to be a worthy, versatile eyeshadow. Buy it now, before it disappears off the shelves to make way for Guerlain's Autumn/Winter 2009 collection.

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