Sunday, 5 July 2009

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Lip Stick

RRP: £8.99
# of shades available: 24

--What does the promo say?--
"L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Lipstick shades have been created to suit over 30 natural lip shades. L’Oréal Paris’ first range of tailor-made shades, developed according to 4 phenotypes: blonde, light brunette, dark brunette, dark-skin tones. All lipstick shades are classified into 6 colour categories: nude, coral, pink, red, plum and brown. The oils and emollient pastes are well-balanced to create a creamy texture, with stand out colour. L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Lipsticks are formulated to suit every type of make-up look; from neutral day time, to evening high glamour. The textures and effects provide either a glossy, satin or matte finish."

L'Oreal has reverted to squarish packaging, while the current fashion seems to be for rounder lipstick canisters, and squarer lipgloss tubes. The transparent plastic on the middle band is very Thierry Mugler-ish and edgy, and the lid comes off easily when you want it to, while closing securely when you don't.

The lipstick's end is cut off flatly rather than being tapered; whether this aids or hinders application depends on your point of view. I personally found application to be hassle-free. Can be worn with L'Oreal's Studio Secrets matching lip liners and lip glosses, or can be worn alone.

While I can't speak for all 24 shades, Pink 220 for blondes smells like candy floss! Always a pleasant surprise when you're used to the usual waxy odour of current market lipsticks.

Very smooth on initial application, although can become a little drying later.

Whether Pink 220 just wasn't right for me, or for what I was wearing when I tested it, I just didn't feel that it pushed my buttons. The colour was beyond candy floss - almost a sort of neon pink. Probably would look better on blondes with more tanned skin, which perhaps suggests that L'Oreal should take their personalisation strategy further and match, say, two of the colours available of the 6 per hair colour to skin tone as well (thus subdividing each hair colour category into lipstick colours for pale, tanned, and dark skin). I did like the matte finish, though, and would be prepared to try the nude colours available for blondes.

Relatively good - I'd say 5 or 6 hours (though as I said, it does become a little drying on the lips as time goes on, even while the colour remains).

--Value for money--
While the concept of this is nice, and L'Oreal have brought their lipsticks properly into the 21st century with this, I would rather go for a lipstick from the brand with a more reliable personalisation strategy (their Made for Me Naturals range, which looks more realistic and is less drying on the lips). They're doing the right thing with this, and allowing consumers to tailor their makeup choices according to hair, skin and eye colour is something that's worked well for them in the past - but with this there are definitely some improvements to be made.

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