Sunday, 12 July 2009

Pearl Drops Instant White

RRP: £6.85 from Express Chemist

--What does the promo say?--
"Pearl Drops Instant White Brush On Tooth Veneer is a breakthrough teeth whitening innovation that gives you a beautifully whiter smile immediately after just one application! The white liquid adheres to your teeth in seconds to give them a brilliant natural-looking white veneer, which remains on your teeth until you brush it away with a toothbrush. It is the ultimate cosmetic accessory. Simply brush on to instantly leave a white veneer. Like your make-up, you can carry it in your handbag and reapply it whenever you want, wherever you are, to maintain a confident and radiant smile!"

It's got to be said that they've done a nice job with the bottle - at first glance it could easily be mistaken for a lip gloss, nail varnish or travel perfume bottle, with a nice squarish container made of transparent glass, small and discreet silver writing, and a silvery lid. Very practical and portable with an easy-to-use, nail polish-type brush.

It is recommended to polish your teeth each day for few days before using Instant White, using a tooth whitening toothpaste. You then need to shake well before using the veneer to mix the product, ensuring that the teeth you want to treat are as dry as possible (e.g. by rubbing them with a tissue immediately before application). Then apply the white liquid to your teeth with the fine brush applicator, and for extra whiteness, you can add an extra coat.

A great surprise; I'd envisaged something resembling Tippex. However, this is a transparent fluid containing tiny silver sparkles.

Slightly minty and medical. Not at all unpleasant.

Smooth to stroke on, but quickly turns tacky, and takes longer to dry than the impression given on the packaging.

Sadly I saw no effects whatsoever, even with adding the extra coat. I also cannot comment on how long any whitening effects would last, both for this reason and the fact that I could not stand the tackiness when waiting for the stuff to dry, so I brushed my teeth to remove it probably 3-5 minutes after application.

Easy to brush off when you do want to remove it. I do get the impression that the staying power in terms of colour would be good, though, if you got it to work in the first place.

--Value for money--
If you can get this to work on your teeth, then the price of it (roughly £7) then is, I suppose, not too bad, especially since you don't seem to need very much per application. However, as a long-term fluorosis sufferer (wow, I'm sounding like a one-stop medical pitstop here...fluorosis, acne and hyperhydrosis all in one person!), I saw no effects at all, and so for this reason alone it was not worth a penny. Sorry Pearl Drops.

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Pearl Drops Daily Shine Whitening Toothpaste, £1.95/50ml


Soham said...

Thanks for the review. But I think you should have given it a fair trail by not removing it off withing 3 mins, however I suffer from florosis and think no whitener can help me.

BiancaP said...

Hi there

Thanks for the comment!

I am rather in two minds about the fact of having washed it off after a few minutes/not giving the product 'a proper chance'. On the one hand it is entirely possible that you are correct and that if I had left it on for longer some visible difference may have been perceptible.

However, on the other hand, the word 'instant' implies a hassle-free and almost immediately visible difference, which was not something that I experienced. As you point out, though, as fluorosis sufferers perhaps we should just stop trying, and leave these products to those who have only minor improvements to make!

Thanks for stopping by!


Patrice said...

Great product review. I don't that it's good to try pearl drops because it does not work on you. Thanks for sharing.