Thursday, 23 July 2009

L'Oreal Studio Secrets High Definition Lip Liner

RRP: £5.49
# of shades available: 8

--What does the promo say?--
"For the 1st time L'Oreal Paris has brought you a complete range of coordinated lipsticks and lipliners for a perfect lipcolour every time. The lead in the High Definition Lipliner easily achieves a high definition line. The texture is soft and creamy and is very comfortable to apply as well as being long-lasting."

Nothing to set the world alight - the pencil is the same colour as the liner itself, bearing silver writing and a secure lid. But then again, I am comparing it to the seriously edgy design of the (much more expensive) Giorgio Armani lip liner...

The Boots website instructs as follows: "The secret to a perfect lip contour is to make the lip liner practically invisible. To achieve this blend the line from the outline of the lips towards the middle. The texture of the L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets High Definition Lipliner is soft and blendable, and makes this application technique easy." No quibbles about that. The natural colour makes this even easier - more of which in a moment.

Now, I have already spoken (in my review of the Studio Secrets lipstick) on how I didn't feel the colour quite matched my skin tone, and how I felt that L'Oreal would do well to further subdivide the shades to take account of skin tone as well as hair colour. This lip liner being the same colour as the lipstick that would allegedly look great on me, I was perhaps understandably wary. However, I needn't have worried - it makes lips look naturally fuller with the use of the L'Oreal Studio Secrets lip lacquer, and matches perfectly colour wise, as well as looking generally very good and natural on me. Score.

As promised, it is smooth, creamy and easy to apply.

About average - won't survive a meal.

--Value for money--
This falls about in the average price range for lip liners, most closely matching Revlon. This price accurately reflects its performance - the only area on which it really falls down is on how long it lasts, but given the many other positive aspects of the product, I'm more than happy to keep reapplying it.

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That is honest when you say it won't survive a meal...otherwise I quite like liners.