Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Boots Gorgeous Feet Reviving Overnight Rescue

RRP: £2.19/50ml; £6.49/150ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Boots Gorgeous Feet Reviving Overnight Rescue works to melt away dry skin & renew texture. Take a step in the right direction and give hardworking feet a pampering overnight treat. Simply massage this deeply restorative cream into feet before bed and wake up to skin that’s soft, smooth and renewed. This incredible formulation works to dissolve hard skin and regenerate fresh new skin while you sleep."

A see-through, squat glass jar with a shiny pink lid. This is all set off by the pink label, which only tells you what you actually need to know. Lovely. Comes in a pink box for ingredients information and suchlike, though I'll tell you here that it contains grape seed oil, cacao butter, bilberry leaf extract, sugar maple extract, lemon peel, and lemon flowers. Delish.

"Apply a generous amount of cream to clean dry feet before going to bed. Wear cotton socks overnight to seal in the treatment." Not a problem - in fact, you don't even really need to use cotton socks with it as it sinks in so well on its own.

A thick creamy white lotion. Leaves no visible residue on skin.

Lovely! Like vanilla and white chocolate.

Does not leave feet leaving greasy, and rubs in very well, leaving feet feeling smooth and soft.

--Long-term effects on skin--
Excellent - I was having real trouble with my feet, with a truckload of dry skin that just wouldn't shift (even with the help of a Scholl foot cream). Still not perfect yet, but there's been a huge improvement, which I'm sure will continue.

--Value for money--
Even the dinky 50ml pot lasts ages and ages (I've been using mine for weeks and have barely made a dent in it), so it's worth every penny of the £2.19. Buying three of these in a row, rather than getting the 150ml pot, barely costs you a few pence more, so if this is easier on young spenders' purses, don't hesitate to do it that way. A fantastic foot cream that should be by every girl's bedside table.

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