Thursday, 6 August 2009

Logona Cream Concealer

RRP: £12.80
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--About the brand--
"The story of LOGONA is closely associated with the rise of the German natural marketplace, where the company today serves as a leading supplier of natural personal care products. During the 1970s, a wave of environmental consciousness and activism rolled through Europe, giving life to many alternative enterprises and political groupings. Organic agriculture, renewable energy and environmental responsibility became the watchwords of this movement. In 1975 in Hanover, Germany, a group of friends opened a shop featuring the few available products that fit the values of this new, green alternative movement. To expand their store’s selection, this “Lorien Goods” group began to import products, and then to wholesale these products to other stores. In 1977, they tried their hand at manufacturing simple bodycare products, and the LOGONA idea was born.

Bodycare products manufactured and packaged from a broad ecological standpoint resonated with a growing number of consumers. The product line has steadily expanded over the years to meet growing consumer interest. Today, over 200 natural personal care and cosmetic products carry the LOGONA label.

Strict ingredient quality standards have always been fundamentally important to LOGONA product formulation and manufacturing. LOGONA products utilize the highest quality, natural raw materials, such as premium vegetable oils and waxes, herbal extracts and floral distillates derived from organic agriculture and wildcrafting.

Aside from rigorous ingredient standards, LOGONA products must also conform to industry leading ecological standards regarding minimal resource consumption during manufacturing, and minimal and recyclable packaging for the finished products."

--What does the promo say?--
"A silken textured concealer cream used in much the same way as our coversticks. Goes on quickly and easily with the new applicator. Tone irregularities such as visible capillaries, dark areas around the eye, age spots and small scars."

Very innocuous and not particularly unusual - a slim, transparent plastic canister with a sponge applicator attached to the lid. Transparency is always good so that you can see how much you have left, and the sponge applicator means you've got everything you need with you so that you can touch up while out and about. The Logona logo is very minimalist and sophisticated.

"Following an application of liquid foundation, apply the concealer to the problem areas, blending gently with your fingertip. Follow with a powder to blend and fix the concealer." No problems here. The concealer blends well with any foundation, tinted moisturiser or powder you happen to be using.

A very pale, creamy lotion that sits well on the skin and blends very naturally. The paleness is great for me, since so many concealers look orange on my skin, but the fact that there's only one shade available for this particular concealer (the Logona coversticks have more shades available for some reason) means that many people will be closed off to buying this. For those with the right skin tone, though, the overall effect is natural, matte, and unified.

Perfect - creamy and luxurious without being runny.

Sadly, not as great as I would like. This means you do keep needing to reapply this, and as a result, my tube is almost finished, and it feels like I only bought it five minutes ago (the reality is probably about 6 weeks). Damn.

--Value for money--
As nice as this is to use, as as nice as it is that this is a natural, organic product, you do need to keep reapplying it, so it doesn't exactly have this in its favour. Consequently, you do need to top up your supplies more often, as the tube runs out quickly, and frankly, I think that the RRP is perhaps a bit steep for the time that one tube lasts. Even Clinique's new anti-blemish concealer is cheaper (it's £11.50), so I feel that this is a bit much to pay for something with no healing ingredients such as tea tree oil, no SPF, and for something that only comes in one shade. Curses.

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