Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer

RRP: £19

--What does the promo say?--
"Put an end to midday shininess. Designed for oily, sensitive, and problem-prone skin, bareMinerals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer is clinically proven to control excess shine. Apply this silicone- and oil-free primer prior to your bareMinerals SPF15 Foundation for evenly textured, shine-free coverage all day."

An unassuming white pump action bottle with grey lettering. Not exactly attention-grabbing; definitely functional first and foremost.

Rub onto clean dry face. Getting the right amount is a slight problem as this dries very quickly, meaning you need to remember exactly where you've applied it and waste time getting more out of the bottle to apply to places you haven't done yet; OR you pump out too much and end up applying it to your neck as well.

A perfectly clear gel. On the face, this is invisible.


--Texture and consistency--
Feels smooth on the fingers and when rubbing into the face, but has a slightly tacky and gritty finish; it also makes the skin feel slightly tight, like you have layered something onto your face rather than applying something that absorbs seamlessly.

--Effects on the skin--
In fairness, this does do exactly what it says it does: it controls oiliness brilliantly, and I think I even noticed a small improvement in my skin while using this product.

--Value for money--
Even if this product does do just what it promises, they have to sort that texture out to make this a more pleasant experience, especially for a £19 price tag (OK, so it's often on offer, meaning you frequently don't have to pay £19, but still). I'll be looking elsewhere next time.

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Ellen Grace said...

I love this primer!