Thursday, 17 January 2013

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Wash

RRP: £3.50

--What does the promo say?--
"Clean & Clear® Deep Cleansing Cream Wash cleans deep down to effectively remove dirt, oil and impurities without clogging pores. Contains a special ingredient to help prevent spots and breakouts. The tingling sensation after use tells you your skin has been thoroughly cleansed, leaving it cool, refreshed and really clear."

In keeping with the same ergonomic design as the exfoliating daily wash, this is curved for a good easy grip, with a secure flip top lid. The green and white graduated colour palette is modern and appealing too.

Lather over damp skin and then rinse off. Easy as.

A luxurious white cream that leaves no visible residue on the skin.

Minty thanks to the menthol, but not overpowering.

--Texture and consistency--
Unlike a lot of products targeted at those with acneic skin, the cream wash's luxurious texture really allows you to pamper yourself each morning. 

--Effects on the skin--
The menthol provides a cooling, tingling feeling that gives you confidence in the idea that you'll soon see effective results. However, I think these products are ultimately intended for people with less severe or less persistent skin conditions than mine, as I really didn't see any significant improvement.

--Value for money--
While this is great for those on a budget, for me it didn't actually deliver in terms of ultimately reducing spots. A shame.

perfect partner
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