Saturday, 19 January 2013

Brighten up your January

  I am a complete sissy when it comes to hair. I have greasy roots and dry ends, and I'm definitely a wash-and-go kind of girl: no straighteners, no styling. Getting it done as quickly as possible is the name of the game. I have also never ever dyed my hair (OK, beyond those 80s-style hair mascaras). It's not that I've never been curious to see what I'd look like with a different hair colour; my eyebrows and lashes are dark, and I'd like to see what my blonde hair would look like if it were the same colour. And red appeals too, just because it looks so lovely when it catches the light. But the maintenance of it terrifies me, along with the subsequent expense, and we've all heard too much about how damaging hair dye can be to hair.

But for the braver amongst you, Schwarzkopf's Live Color XXL sounds right up your street: its Ultra Brights range features three semi-permanent colours in different shades of red to suit all personalities and tastes (Fiery Copper, Raspberry Rebel, and Pillar Box Red). While it can be applied to hair normally for bold and daring colours (after carrying out an allergy test beforehand of course!), but can also be mixed with normal hair conditioner for pretty pastel results (which should definitely appeal to people like me who fear that hair dye will damage their hair). It also washes out in 6-15 washes, meaning that you can also go back to your normal self easily if you're not a fan of the final result. At £5.49, it's also an affordable luxury. Maybe someday I'll also have the guts to have a the meantime, I look forward to hearing all your stories of your hair-dye fun :)

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