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Cosmetics and Beauty News (January 2013)

Bejewelled, British style
I don't often post about jewellery and accessories on here - but in the interests of supporting a new British business, I thought I'd draw your attention to Heather and Grace's new range of stunning yet affordable jewellery. With pearl-effect bracelets priced at just £5, you can also get your mitts on other Accessorize-style bits and bobs, including brooches, earrings and badges. A perfect gift for any occasion - and you'll be supporting an independent business to boot. 

Brushing your way to beauty
We all know that we should brush our teeth regularly, and that many dentists recommend electric toothbrushes for the deepest possible clean. It therefore doesn't surprise me that a new market is now opening up for toothpastes that are designed to work with your electric toothbrush for an even brighter smile. Theramed Pro Electric is just one of these, offering three low-abrasive silica toothpaste types depending on your needs (whitening, active clean, and sensitive). This is all very well if these toothpastes genuinely do offer something different to conventional brands - but with a price point of around £2.99 (which is roughly the same as that of normal toothpaste), I'd hazard that electric toothbrush users have little to lose by trying Theramed's version. I'll definitely be trying to get my paws on some, given that my attempts to whiten my teeth are invariably a part of my daily routine in any case.

Everything fades away... runs a song by Mariah Carey. With luck, her new OPI collection won't fade too fast! This leading nail brand has teamed up with the popstrel to create eight new nail shades. The new collection includes four new Sand Lacquers for a matte yet textured finish, with added reflective sparkle, and the sultry yet innovative colours available (black with red sparkles, anyone?) should mean there is something for everyone. The collection of four mini Sand Lacquer shades is also priced at an affordable £12.95, making for a cheerful treat come payday.

Nail trends of 2013
The nail world is changing all the time, and while in 2011 gels were all the rage, and in 2012 it was all about wraps, some exciting new concepts are coming to the fore for 2013. For instance, China Glaze has launched a nail lacquer called Tranzitions, which reacts when a clear top coat is applied, creating a new second colour. This allows all sorts of patterns to be created with just one swipe of the brush. Both possible shades are indicated on the neck of the bottle, so no surprises - making for a fabulously innovative follow-up to similar products (such as No7's Stay Perfect Matte Top Coat). 

Even more creative is the concept of nail varnish rental. This sounded a bit too wacky to work when I first heard about it, but the more I consider it, the more it makes sense. Lacquerous, which launched officially at the end of 2012, allows you to rent the latest designer nail colours for a fraction of their retail value. All bottles are hygienically cleaned and sterilised before loan, and you must send them back in good condition at the end of the loan period, or risk being charged the full RRP. Alternatively, should you wish to keep the varnish, you can choose to pay the full retail value anyway. To my mind this is brill: how many of us have got too many old varnishes languishing in drawers that we can't bear to throw out? This system helps to alleviate ennui, be on trend, eliminate waste, and provide the opportunity for purchase if liked. Lamentably, it's only available in the US at present, but I can see the concept taking off on these shores soon. A solution to a first-world problem if I ever saw one.

At-home skin rituals
It's normal to sit at home feeling rubbish during January: I've already been signed off work for two days thanks to a shocking cold/flu/plague type thing, and have just had a lovely night in the toilet due to food poisoning or possibly even gastroenteritis (if the pharmacist down the road is to be believed). But there's no need to pay silly money to go to a spa to make yourself feel better, as with BareMinerals you can do it for free. Facialist Abigail James, who has fifteen years' experience, is working with BareMinerals to provide tutorial videos that can be viewed from the comfort of your home. This has the added benefit of you being able to see what BareMinerals' new January products (Multi Wrinkle Repair Serum, Extra Firming Neck cream & Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment) look like on before shelling out the requisite cash.

It's actually quite easy being green
Contrary to Kermit the Frog, being green has got ever easier over the past few years due to the proliferation of now-iconic brands such as Green People. They're also helping to look after us during the winter months thanks to their newest line of body products. Their £19.95 body butter contains a host of good things, including cranberry, rosehip and pomegranate oils; omega 3 and 6; and Fairtrade lemongrass and rosemary. All of this promises to improve elasticity, reduce scars, anti-age, and protect dry skin. Also available is their sugar scrub at the same price, which, as well as helping to slough away dead skin cells, also contains moisturising agents such as shea butter. Both are certified organic, too, getting you off to a great start in 2013. Vaseline's Intensive Rescue range is equally indispensable in winter: with prices kicking off at just £2.99, their range of body lotions, repair balms and hand creams come with a sun protection factor, which is just as important in the colder months.

Sunday Sanctuary
In spite of all the great at-home products listed above, there are also some excellent free options, such as the Sunday Sanctuarys at Bar Galante on Sloane Avenue. Ladies can come along every Sunday between 1pm and 3pm and be pampered gratis with products from Bliss Spa, as well as being treated to classic films, Champagne Bellinis, and Argentinian canapés. Slippers and dressing gowns will also be available for use. To book your place, email rsvp[at]bargalante[dot]com - if I lived in London, I'd be there in a heartbeat!

Saving sharks with Chantecaille
Chantecaille's makeup palettes are well-known for their philanthropic aspect, and their latest one is no exception: 5% of the sales of their Save The Shark eye and cheek palette will go to conservationist group BLOOM. Inspired by spring runway colours and the freshness of the ocean, the palette consists of four cool shades: Great White (beige), Grey Reef (sandy grey), Black Tip (ocean blue) and Sea Anemone (coral). 

You're beautiful
Should you be wishing to start dropping hints to loved ones on the approach of the next big occasion in your life (or simply 'just because'), look no further than the packages offered by Michaeljohn Salon and Medispa: available exclusively in February, all packages (starting price £100) include a shampoo, cut and finish, a manicure, and a pedicure. Those willing to splash out on the £200 package also receive a bikini wax, eyelash tint and eyebrow threading session in addition to this. For those who just want to stay in the spa, the £140 package provides a warm oil massage with a manicure and pedicure. For an extra £15, the massage is replaced by a revitalising facial. For £200, you get all four, along with an eyelash tint and brow shape. Finally, the £150 package combines the best of both with a manicure, pedicure, salon blow dry, and a professional makeup session. I can assure you that these packages are top value (based on the eye-watering price of treatments here...), and that you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Fragrance news
The latest addition to Molton Brown's "Navigations Through Scent" series has just been announced, with Mahina taking inspiration from the sun-soaked lifestyle of Tahiti. Continuing with the concept of the unisex scent, Mahina uses tiare, vanilla and cedarwood to create a balanced fragrance for men and women. To celebrate the launch, Molton Brown has teamed up with Beach Tomato to offer lucky competition winners a 7-night trip to Tahiti, with goody bags for runners-up. Perfect for escaping the drizzle!

Other gorgeous-looking perfumes that have just hit the shelves include Guess Girl (raspberry nectar, melon, bergamot), Heidi Klum Surprise! (mandarin, pink pepper, benzoin), and Halle Berry Closer (waterlily, violet, cashmere musk).

Beating Botox parties
Worryingly little regulation exists regarding who can and cannot administer anti-ageing treatment Botox, leading to the existence of 'Botox parties' thanks to the proliferation of DIY kits for sale online. I've spoken before about my worries that people out there are actually stupid enough to consider injecting their own faces - and that web services are actually willing to facilitate this at-home idiocy. Thankfully, the Royal College of Surgeons agrees, and they too have spoken out against this lack of legislation. They call for a formal body to cover aesthetic practice and to see dermal fillers reclassified as medical devices, in order to ensure safety. In my view, the sooner this comes along, the better.

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