Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dove Creme Mousse Body Wash

RRP: £2.90

--What does the promo say?--
"What is the Dove Difference? Creamy Nourishment. A beautiful pearlescent crème formula, unlike any other, transforms into a lush lather allowing our highest concentration of NutriumMoisture™ to nourish skin deep down or more beautiful skin. For best results use every day. Dove Creme Mousse Body Wash Brightening [...] rejuvenate[s] dull skin."

These plastic bottles stand up on their lids in the shower so that you can be sure of the mousse being right at the opening where you need it every single time. The designs are discreet, and yet the turquoise and navy versions distinguish well between the respective brightening and nourishing versions. This means that your odds of grabbing the wrong one on a sleepy morning should hopefully be low!

Only about a tablespoon of this is needed for a lather that covers your whole body. Take double the amount for an even more generous effect. Lather, enjoy, and rinse.

The brightening formula is more pearlescent than the nourishing one, but both creme mousses are brilliant white, while washing off invisibly.

Both just smell soapy, which in a way is a shame, but in another way feels right given that this product's USP is texture, not scent.

Creamy and luxurious just as promised, although occasionally proves a little difficult to rinse off.

--Effects on the skin--
While pleasant to use, I haven't noticed any immediate or long-term changes to my body skin during my trial of these products, so any joy you get from this product is likely to be purely sensory and short-term, rather than practical or truly restorative.

--Value for money--
These products are an absolute dream to use and really make your routine a luxury. However, the claims they make are far too vague and I don't think you can really expect to see much in the way of genuine nourishment or brightening here.
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