Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bohemian Chic Minerals Eyeshadow

RRP: £11
# of shades available: 29
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--What does the promo say?--
"Our mineral eye shadows are created using pure natural minerals. From soft to vivid, smoky to deep, shimmery to matt. The range is endless with  lush shadow shades with a lustrous, silken sateen finish.
Suitable for acne prone skin and sensitive skin. Preservative free. Nano-particles free; bismuth-oxychloride free. Suitable for vegans and Halal use."
Comes in a tiny plastic screw-top pot, which has a plastic disc with holes in sitting inside. This is further protected by a sticky plastic sheet, which you can either remove completely or use to reseal the disc after each use. Generally this works quite well: to get more product to come out of the pot, close securely with the lid and shake it around a bit before carefully upturning and reopening. Spillage or wastage does not seem to be a problem.

Use an eyeshadow brush to dot and blend the shadow over your eyelids as desired. This is easy - the beauty of mineral eyeshadows means that blending's a breeze and that making mistakes is nigh on impossible.

The shade I was kindly sent, Kiwi, produced a lovely natural-looking sage shade that went well with my eyes and general complexion. Very pleasing! Would lend itself well to mixing with other shades of green and brown from the same range.

--Texture and consistency--
Soft and blendable without being too dusty (i.e. doesn't shower you/the sink/the bathroom with eyeshadow whenever you open the pot, put some on your brush or try to put it on your eyelids). Adheres well to brush and eyelids and is easy to manipulate to create different effects.

Sadly, this is where the product fell down. Creased and faded significantly after about 6 hours' wear. You will definitely need to reapply during the day - although there's a chance that it would fare better with the help of an eyeshadow primer.

--Value for money--
While the colour and texture of this product is most pleasing, for £11 I would really expect it to last longer on the eyelids. For this price, I'd be more inclined to try Stila's mineral eyeshadows instead, which are also £11. If you're going to buy from this brand, go for their lip gloss instead - it's much better (review to follow!).
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