Monday, 19 August 2013

Nailner Repair Spray

 RRP: £21.99 for 8ml
--What does the promo say?--
"Nail fungus is a common and irritating problem that can cause discomfort and embarrassment. There is now an easy solution: New! Nailner Repair Spray - a nail protecting innovation. Its unique, patented carrier system allows the ingredients to saturate the nail and combat the fungus at its core by changing the nail's environment to the disadvantage of the fungus. Improvements are visible in just a matter of weeks! Clinically tested, Nailner Repair Spray is an innovative and new over-the-counter product. The ingredients have been shown to help treat nail fungus by protecting the newly grown nail from getting infected. The handy spray allows an easy and quick application. Each spray contains approximately 100 single applications. Say Goodbye to Nail Fungus!"

The white and teal-coloured spray bottle is small, neat and functional. Would slip easily into an overnight bag for trips away and takes up little space in the bathroom. However, the spray function itself doesn't always work well: sometimes it sprays perfectly over the whole nail, while at other times the liquid dribbles down the side of the spray canister.

As mentioned above, how easy spraying the affected nails is can vary. However, it's not usually too difficult to get the liquid to come into contact with the nails - even if you have to run your finger down the side of the canister and smear it onto the nail yourself. Integrating the twice-daily required spray into your routine is also not difficult - spray it on before your deodorant, or before brushing your teeth, so that it has time to dry (not that this takes long - especially compared to treatment nail polishes designed to have the same effect). You also don't need to eschew nail varnish for it to work - it's contact with the nail bed, not contact with the nail itself, that's important.

A completely clear watery liquid that dried invisibly on the nail. 

The essential oils included in the spray are detectable but not overwhelming. However, they're clearly natural, which makes a change from chemical-smelling products.

I'd been having problems with a nail on my right foot for at least 18 months, whereby even treatments prescribed by the supposedly top French medical system had not worked. THIS WORKED. Thank the Lord :)  I'll now be using it on my big toe, which has just started to develop a problem on the same foot, to try to nip things in the bud immediately.

--Value for money--
I was surprised by the £21.99 price tag - but when my free tube from Nailner runs out, I would happily spend my own pennies on this. Boots also have a buy-one-get-one-half-price offer on at present, meaning that two tubes would cost you £33 rather than £44 at the moment. A tube lasts AGES as well, so I would definitely recommend it - it's the only product I've tried that works.

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