Saturday, 24 August 2013

Clarins Splendours Colour Quartet and Eyeliner Palette

 RRP: £31

--What does the promo say?--
"Shadow and light create mesmerizing eyes that are like an invitation to distant lands. Solar symbols add a touch of sophistication to the Colour Quartet & Liner Eye Palette and decorate the case and the powder. A palette of 3 shimmering shades - copper, pale gold, and pink gold - illuminate the eyes. To add rich, intense definition, use the eyeliners." 

The range of applicators and goodly-sized mirror included in this compact are a big bonus, as is the instruction booklet to help create various looks. However, the very obviously plastic-looking case is a disappointment for £31: similar palettes from brands at this price point, such as Guerlain, go for more sophisticated looks, such as metal-effect, to maximise the feeling that you've got value for money. Clarins also hasn't made the brand seem modern with its dark red casing, which makes the palette seem like a 70s or 80s throwback that might be more likely seen on your gran's dressing table than yours.

Clarins advises applying the pale gold shade over the eyelid for a natural look. For further definition, the pink and dark brown shades can be used. The eyeliner included is black. The little instruction booklet provided in the box, and the range of applicators provided, means that this can't possibly go wrong.

The subtly shimmery basis of this means that it's formal enough for work while being special enough for evenings. But it's not all glitter and no colour: the neutral palette of gold, brown and pink works well with any skin tone and the additional black eyeliner can add as much or as little drama as you want. Would complement a tan well - so perfect for summer - but its sparkly qualities make it just as good for Christmas, as well as for brightening up the slightly duller, greyer seasons of spring and autumn.

--Texture and consistency--
Goes on silky smooth and there's practically no wastage due to it being so highly pigmented. No spare dust or powder flying around here.

Lasted virtually all day, with only the tiniest bit of creasing towards the end of the evening. Very impressive.

--Value for money--
A top performance from an eyeshadow whose packaging is just a bit of a letdown, making the £31 price tag less justifiable. However, shop around and you will find it for less. This makes me feel a little bit more positive about the quality of Clarins products, which may make me try harder to seek them out even in the midst of what are usually their unexciting product lines.

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