Friday, 23 August 2013

Real women

In the face of an increasingly Photoshopped and Botoxed society, many brands (such as Dove) have capitalised on the idea of using 'real women' to front their products, usually with the aim of making the general public feel less insecure and more like the brand's products are really for them, not just for celebrities. 

One such campaign has Boots' No7 products at its forefront, and it's just hitting the airwaves. In the video featuring Yasmin (see right), what appears to be a real woman (as opposed to an actress) is shown being frank about her insecurities and what makeup means to her. She's then pampered and given a new look which seems to really boost her confidence.

What I really like about this campaign is that specific products from the No7 range are not pushed, implying that we should choose products that are right for us as people, not products that a specific person (celebrity or no!) has worn. I especially like the slogan - "a brighter shade of me" - as this, to me, emphasises what makeup is about. You don't put makeup on necessarily to be a completely different person, but rather to enhance the very best bits of you. And by making yourself feel better on the outside, this can be a step to making yourself feel better inside too.

So go on - experiment with new looks, shake up your routine, and start feeling good today :)

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