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Melvita Moisturizing Rose Nectar

Our Southern France correspondent, Sarah Cross, reviews this product from quintessentially Ardèche brand Melvita.

RRP: £24
*also marketed as Melvita Rose Day Cream. Don't worry - it's the same thing!

--What does the promo say?--
"Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin, this sheer, comfortable cream intensely moisturises the skin for 24 hours. Rose floral water acts as a direct source of hydration, while extract of fresh roses, obtained by enfleurage, helps to hold in the skin's natural moisture by maintaining the hydrolipidic film. To help diffuse this moisture at the heart of epidermal cells, wild rose petal extract (derived from roses that grow at high altitudes) helps to stimulate the synthesis of aquaporins – true "water channels". Rose Nectar is made with 100% organic active ingredients and provides 24-hour hydration. Perfectly moisturized throughout the day, the skin feels soft and supple again – and the complexion looks beautifully rosy!"


The same style as for the micellar water, except with a white instead of see-through bottle and a pale pink lid that pops off easily to reveal a push down dispenser nozzle. It has the green MELVITA logo with the words ‘Gelée fraîche désaltérante’ in pretty pink (translated underneath into English) and the same lovely scattered arrangement of photographs in varying sizes with some very attractive pictures of roses, wild and garden varieties, petals, bees collecting nectar, and so on. There is a pink line traced around the bottle towards the bottom, giving a very pretty ‘girly’ effect. The dispenser means that the product is not contaminated and that just the right amount is ejected each time. However, this also means that you cannot see how much of the product you're using and so have to go by the weight of the container in your hand to know if you're running out. The solid container also means it can't be cut open to get the last dregs. Naturally, though, you can't have everything, and the fact that these dispensers don't topple over (unlike Melvita's old tubes) is a big plus.

Apply in the morning to cleansed face and neck.

--Appearance and texture-- 

A lovely smooth and silky cream that goes on well.

If you like roses…fabulous!  Floral and feminine.  I could put this on all over!  

--Effects on the skin--
To be honest, since I have the hydrating facial gel, I am tending to use this product at night instead of in the morning.  I don’t see the point in using two products in the morning to do the same job.  When I tried them out, I felt that this one was the thicker, creamier product and that, of the two, it would be more effective overnight than the gel.  It would, however, still be perfect as a day cream because it is not too heavy. I would generally use something more ‘robust’ and deeply penetrating/nourishing as a night cream (I obviously need to try the Extraordinary Night Cream £29 with moonstone, argan and rose for this…)….but the only way to test this product out was to use it separately to the gel in order to able to observe the effects of each.  One wonders if one is meant to use BOTH in the morning or if it is just a question of personal choice for the texture. The skin is left looking and feeling supple and moisturized - given the choice, I prefer this to the gel.

--Value for money--
An excellent product that does what it says. Again, as you only have to use a little of the product each time, I reckon it is good value.  Compared to the other ‘beauty giants’ Melvita’s products are reasonably priced.

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