Sunday, 25 August 2013

Clean & Clear Advantage Clear and Soothe Foaming Wash

RRP: £4.99
--What does the promo say?--
"New CLEAN & CLEAR® ADVANTAGE® Clear & Soothe Foaming Wash contains a powerful spot fighting ingredient and aloe vera – the formula not only helps reduce spots but also soothes even sensitive skin. The pump dispenser delivers a soft foam which is gentle on the skin ...what’s more, it’s oil‐free and can be used daily!"

The handy pump-action bottle is suitably unisex thanks to its green and silver colour scheme, and the transparent bottle is helpful in ensuring that you always know exactly how much is left. The pump always dispenses the right amount each time, too, meaning that wastage is minimised.

One squirt and you're away - lather up in wet or dry hands and rub over face before rinsing off with a wet face cloth.

The clear watery liquid changes immediately into a puffy white foam upon dispensation. No visible residue is left on the skin after rinsing.

A mixture of lime, apple and aloe. Not at all chemical-smelling. Delicious! (NB: DON'T eat it :p )

--Texture and consistency--
The foam takes on a creamy, luxurious quality when massaged onto the skin, making for a really pleasant experience. It's easy to wash off when you want to, too.

--Effects on the skin--
I was in the pre-menstrual zone around the testing time, so this could have had an effect, but I didn't find this really kept oiliness at bay. In turn, it just about maintained my existing skin condition, without making the situation better or worse.

--Value for money--
The price seems proportional to the effects that I experienced while using this. Even though the face wash contains known acne-busting ingredients aloe vera and salicylic acid, the concentration of these in the products is probably such that it would only be effective on mild to moderate acne, rather than extremely long-term, persistent cases such as mine (I've had acne since I was 10. I'm now 27, and while the situation has been improving over the past year or two, it's still not completely gone). If your acne is on the mild side, I'd advise trying this, as it's affordable and could still work for you. However, if your skin condition is more severe, you may be better off shelling out a bit more cash for something else, and/or seeing your doctor.

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