Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sure Compressed Deodorant

RRP: £2

--What does the promo say?--
"Sure Compressed with motionsense™ system delivers long lasting protection in a little can. Use Sure Compressed just like your normal 150ml Sure aerosol and it will last just as long. 48-hour protection against sweat with a light fresh fragrance. We’ve re-engineered the spray system, thus reducing the amount of gas needed to deliver the same level of antiperspirant ingredient with each spray. This allows us to deliver as much protection as a 150ml with a smaller pack. Alcohol free and dermatologically tested."

As mentioned above, it's like a normal spray can, but dinkier. Perfect for keeping in your handbag or for travelling light.

Just spray onto clean dry skin. Happily doesn't pack the same punch as the Dove compressed deodorant with each spray, so doesn't give you that choking feeling.

Unfortunately leaves more white marks than the Dove one, so be careful before getting dressed.

The version I was sent (Cotton Ultra Dry) is clean and refreshing without being floral, chemical or cloying. Great for giving you the get-go to just get on with your day.

--Effects on the skin--
Deodorises very effectively: I'd quite easily believe that this one would stick out the 48 hours promised. It also doesn't irritate the skin.

--Value for money--
I don't normally like sprays, and it's a shame about the white marks. But due to the dinky packaging, dinky price tag, and effective deodorisation, I'd definitely buy this in future.

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