Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bohemian Chic Minerals Lip Gloss

 RRP: £15
# of shades available: 19
purchase from http://bohemianchicminerals.co.uk/lip-gloss

--What does the promo say?--
"A natural and organic lip-gloss, made from the finest natural, organic oils and waxes for a smooth application with the right amount of colour and shine to give your  lips a perfectly enhanced appearance of fuller, gorgeous lips! Suitable for acne prone skin and sensitive skin. Preservative free. Nano-particle free; bismuth-oxychloride free; 100% pure and  natural minerals. Suitable for Vegans and Halal use."

A standard plastic tube with application wand included. My only complaint is that all of the writing on the tube is a bit small, meaning it's quite difficult to read and wouldn't necessarily stand out as being from this particular brand.

Dot onto the bottom lip and blend in with your finger for a subtle effect, before pressing lips together to transfer the colour. Use the wand across both lips for a more dramatic look.

The shade I was sent, Burlesque, is the one that's sampled above. In reality it's less of a red wine colour and more of a slightly rusty or coppery red, which sounds worse than it is! In fact, it's a very natural-looking colour that suits my lips perfectly when applied using the 'subtle' method mentioned above (I felt that using the wand all over my lips would be a bit full-on for me). The wide range of shades available online means that there should definitely be a shade to suit everyone - although the French resident and general pedant within me does hope that by "Bourdoux" they actually mean "Bordeaux"!

--Texture and consistency--
Smooth and not at all sticky. Strangely, not like a gloss at all! More like a lip tint (think Benetint or its numerous copies) in that it 'dries' on the lips. It does this, though, without cracking or being paint-like, and it is marginally thicker than a traditional lip stain (these tend to be more liquid). 

Excellent - it doesn't quite last as long as traditional lip tints, but will mostly get through a meal, and as its consistency is less like a gloss than normal, it definitely goes above and beyond most products marketed as a gloss. Its lip stain-style qualities are such that it could also be used as a cheek stain.

--Value for money--
£15 initially seems expensive. However, when you consider its longevity, natural-looking colour and multi-use properties, I would definitely purchase another when mine runs out. An excellent product for travel, swimming, and any other moment where you need to save on money, space and time. 

perfect partner
Lipstick, £14 

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